Art of Storytelling

What is the Art of Storytelling?

The Art of Storytelling is the way you tell your story. Ancient stories like fairy tales have stood the test of time because of how they were created and the message at its core. The artistic form then relates to HOW the story is passed on, such as spoken word, illustration, or written word through to film, music, theatre, or dance.



The Art of Storytelling coupled with an incredible creative execution WILL see the results of your next marketing campaign soar!


A great marketing solution to tell your story is video production. Or a series of images that you use to encapsulate what your brand is. Maybe it’s a culmination of social media content strategy over a period of time that develops your brand personality that your customers can identify with. Did you know that…


Up to 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do?


Whatever your brand’s story is, there are many ways to communicate it to your audience. Remember your audience or listener is the one receiving your message and they should always be the focus of any campaign. This means choosing the right channel most appropriate for your audience to receive your message.

In summary, the Art of Storytelling in business is the way you get your customer to understand and relate to your brand through your marketing strategy.


What does the Art of Storytelling mean to GDR?

For GDR Media Group the Art of Storytelling is tapping into the history of a business to build an identity. Every business has a history and if you’re a new business you can tell that story from the beginning!

The Art of Storytelling is a means of using your creative juices to put your brand in the spotlight. But, ultimately it should naturally circle back to your business’s objectives. To grow your business your messaging should be clear.


Even if you’re producing a campaign to sell a product the Art of Storytelling can be used to give your product its own chapter in your story.

What is your product or service's USP? How was the product created? How will your customer benefit from using your product?


If your product is already a roaring success – tell that story! What are the awards it has won or the great customer feedback it has received?




We take pride in our brand story at GDR from its humble beginnings over 40 years ago until where we are today as a full-service media agency.

To us, the importance of our business’ history has formed the identity of who we are today.


The Art of Storytelling runs in our veins and is intrinsic in the DNA of EVERY service we offer.


But enough about our story!

Let’s talk about yours...


At GDR Media Group our passion is to share our love for the Art of Storytelling with brands such as yours. Our mission is to make marketing meaningful and we do this through producing great purposeful campaigns that succeed in reaching and relating to your target audience.


With GDR, your brand will have access to all our resources, including our expert creative team at your side, every step of the way, to develop the best campaign for your business.

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