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Increase ROI With Targeted Marketing

Customer experience is more important than ever with 73% of consumers stating that it’s key in their purchasing decisions


(source: pwc)

A lot has changed in 2020 for marketing, both in the way businesses use it and the way consumers react to advertising. It is important for you to be aware of the latest trends to best reach your customers and most importantly generate sales for your business.

As the great Yoda once said:

Do or do not. There is no try”
– Yoda (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)


We’re here to present the trends but it’s up to you to recognise and take ACTION to set your business up for success.


Key Takeaways:

  1. The benefits of a superior customer experience

  2. Increase your reach with local consumers who are eager to support local businesses

  3. The rise of visual search and using new methods to drive unforgettable content


With our fingertips always on the pulse of the latest media trends GDR Media Group is ready to guide your business on how to integrate and develop marketing solutions that WILL deliver ROI. We’re ready to further grow your brand, offering long-term planning rather than short-term fixes to yield maximum return.


Here are the latest marketing trends ready to see you out of a year we will never forget.


1. Almost THREE-QUARTERS of Sales Are Affected By Customer Experience


Customer experience is one of the top decision-makers for consumers. Your business must understand what this means as part of your marketing strategy and how you connect with your customers.

In September 2020 KPMG released its Customer Experience Excellence Report giving “insights into how Australia’s ‘new normal’ is impacting both how customers are interacting with brands and how they are spending their money.”

Here are some highlights:


Personalisation comes out on top as the strongest factor in driving customer loyalty. How are you connecting with your customers to develop an emotional connection?

When Coca Cola launched their ‘Share A Coke’ campaign consumption by young adults in Australia had an estimated increase of 7%.


Consumers need a seamless and transparent customer experience. With more shoppers staying local for convenience (source: Financial Review) and generally spending more online how are you delivering campaigns that demand the attention of your resident customer?

This is also a great chance to amplify your brand story to highlight why your company is based in the area that you’re currently in.

As seasoned storytellers GDR Media Group can help! Email us today 😉



Consumers care about where they spend their hard-earned dollar. FACT.



Have you thought about how you can showcase your brand’s purpose? By developing a marketing campaign that authentically shows your support, for example, with a local charity or environmental concern will encourage your customer to spend with you rather than a competitor.

For instance, the backpack company JanSport ran an influencer-marketing campaign that brought to light its charitable giving to World Central Kitchen.

“We wanted to really connect with students who are being displaced and try to meet the needs of those students who rely on school for both a safe place to go during the day and also nutrition,” said Monica Rigali, the senior director of marketing at JanSport.

“We just wanted to meet our consumer where they are right now.” (Source: Business Insider)



Finally, KPMG’s report found that:

“Organisations that have been agile, adaptive and focused on delivering a consistent and personalised customer experience across channels are among the top performers in Australia including IKEA and Rebel.”

As we enter the Golden Quarter and the opportunity that Christmas 2020 will bring and Australia is back to business, now’s the time to invest in your marketing campaigns to reach out to your consumer. Promote your brand, share the latest information about how you’re operating OR engage your customer with a special offer.

GDR can develop a campaign that will achieve maximum reach and return.
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According to pwc’s Future of Customer Experience report, a brand having a global presence is at the bottom of consumer’s values in what they care about. It’s less valuable than you may think for small-medium businesses to convey a sense of grandeur that may disconnect from your customer. Leading us on to our next key takeaway in this week’s article:


2. Think Local


With consumers staying local an opportunity has arisen for SME’s, especially those in the hospitality and food industry, to return to the foreground. Social media is trending with communications that are encouraging customers to be locally minded when it comes to spending their dollars. On Instagram, influencers are visiting local restaurants, cafes and venues and motivating their followers to buy local. Companies like Time Out are putting local dining destinations in the spotlight.

How is your business reconnecting with your community right now and hyper-targeting those in your local area? From memorable letterbox drops to postcodes surrounding your business to using location-based digital marketing. How will your business capitalise on the latest #ThinkLocal campaign?

GDR is your local-area marketing expert with 40 years of experience supporting SMEs across Australia.

We use business intelligence to understand your customer and make sure you’re seen, heard and chosen.



Lastly in our spotlight on the latest marketing trends, is the rise of visual search and how brands are creating unforgettable content to cut through the noise.


3. The Rise Of Visual Search And Using New Methods To Create Unforgettable Content


(source: Social Media Today)




Visual search continues to rise with COVID-19 being a catalyst for the latest e-commerce boom. Businesses are using visual search more as consumers are less able to see and experience their products, also motivating brands to create unforgettable content.

Burberry most recently partnered with TwitchTV, a gaming streaming service, to promote their new 2021 Summer/Spring line. The partnership allowed viewers to tune into a live-stream of the renowned British brand’s latest catwalk, with personal control of camera angles to harness engagement virtually.

TAKE NOTE and let the creative juices flow. How can you generate memorable content that will spark a buzz about your brand?

Now fuelled with the latest trends and insights how will your business end 2020 with a bang?


Partner With GDR Media Group For The Latest Media Trends


By collaborating with GDR Media Group you can trust that current insights will guide your business. Are you ready to get ahead of your competitors?


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