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The Power is in Your Hands To Reach Your Local Community

72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through an integrated marketing approach

(Source: Digital Marketing Institute)


Multi-channel marketing WILL ensure that your business connects with all pockets of your local community. Your local marketing strategy CAN position you as a reputable brand in your area. No matter what stage of business you are in there are many ways you can better connect with your target audience. If your business leaves a positive impact on the community your customers WILL be more loyal to your brand.


“A good community, in other words, is a good local economy”

– Wendell Berry (Award-winning Novelist)


Whilst the culture in communities vary, they all want small businesses that not only offer the services and products they desire but to care about local issues. Here are our top tips on understanding your local community, your impact and the benefits of multi-channel marketing.

GDR Media Group have been local area marketing specialists supporting small businesses for over 40 years. We can help you connect with your community with a meaningful, memorable, and measurable campaign today.



Know Your Area


Do you understand who the people are in your area? By forming a picture of the different people who make up your community you can then decide how to use your multi-channel marketing strategy to connect with each type of person.

Demographics of suburbs in cities vary greatly with differences in their socio-economic status, culture, and age just to list a few. Small towns differ from big cities, coastal areas differ from inland regions and everywhere in between. Therefore, it is essential that your business understands the area it exists in. This means knowing the people, what they want, how they think and what they enjoy doing.

Understanding them allows you to manage expectations and better meet the needs of the community. What does the community value? Whatever it is that brings the community together you can utilise this to further your relationship with your audience. If your brand can build an authentic relationship, then they will look to support you in return.



Take It To The Streets


Are you reaching your target audience in their homes and on the streets?

Do you utilise direct mail or out of home advertising as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy?


(source: openuptomail)


Summer is here and that means more of your audience will be out and about, socialising and shopping. It’s time to use out of home advertising to get your brand seen and command your customers to act today!


(source: OMA)


According to the Outdoor Media Association, a leading specialist that collates the latest data on the benefits of OOH advertising, OOH audiences are more receptive and likely to act on your brand messages.

“Alertness increases by 98% outside the home, which drives the attention and memory encoding necessary for advertising impact”

This means that your customer will be more inclined to take action if they see your advert out of home!


With our team of experts, which have a combined experience of 100+ years, our goal is always the same.  To make your marketing meaningful & deliver tangible results.

Whether it’s a direct marketing campaign or OOH advertising we can ensure your brand is seen and heard in your community. Call us to find out more 😉


Be Seen With SEO


When people search for ‘Pizza near me’ ideally you would want your pizza store to appear first. If you sell a service or product your SEO strategy should be a vital component in ensuring your business appears first in search engines. Location based targeting, including using ‘Google My Business’ will automatically improve how your customer finds you online.

GDR Media Group has a team of SEO specialists to deliver this strategy for you.
The execution can be confusing and can take up much of your time.
Let us take the stress away and ensure you get the results your business deserves.




Be Socially Conscious


What are you doing to demonstrate social responsibility to your community? From showing that you understand what the issues are in your local area, such as helping the homeless or connecting with a school, your audience will see you as a more valuable part of the community.

If you’re based in NSW have you signed up for the Dine & Discover incentive? Find out more

The NSW Government is launching Dine & Discover NSW to encourage the community to get out and about, supporting dining, arts and tourism businesses and stimulating spending in the economy. Residents will receive vouchers to spend at participating businesses and YOUR business could be one of them!


Let GDR Media Group Be Your Business Partner


Our boutique, creative multi-channel marketing agency takes pride in helping you succeed. Your business goals matter to us and we understand the importance of small businesses at the heart of our communities.

With our proven AME strategy (Audience | Message | Execution) we KNOW what your audience craves and how to reach them with a memorable marketing campaign. Whether it’s print, SEO, radio, we can execute your message using the best channel for your business.



📈 Data-led targeting

📔 Creative Storytelling

📣 Multi-Channel Marketing



Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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