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68% of SMB’s Could Be Using Social Media To Maximise Sales

Is your business utilising the power of social media? You could be reaching 71% of the Australian population with your products and services

(source: Hootsuite)


By developing a social media strategy, you WILL be communicating with most of your customers, attracting new prospects and influencing their purchasing decisions.

With a range of platforms to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn your strategy should focus on the right channels for you.

What is the demographic of your target audience? What type of content are you hoping to create and publish? How are you looking to engage with your customer?

By understanding what platform your audience uses and how you will execute this will heavily shape which channel you use, and how you go about implementing your strategy.


“When you know who your audience is; who you are writing for; you pass the first hurdle toward author success.”
– Judith Briles (Award-Winning Author & Publisher)


Rest assured, we have gathered the necessary statistics and advice that your brand can use to develop a goal-smashing social strategy for your business.


With our proven AME formula (Audience | Message | Execution) we can ensure your message is heard and seen on the right platforms. Together we can make your marketing memorable and deliver tangible results.



Maximise Your Opportunity TODAY




This is your chance to get ahead of the competition.



18 million Australians are on social media and with the digital transformation that has taken place in 2020 – TAKE ADVANTAGE TODAY.

Matching the best social media platform(s) to your target audience WILL increase lead generation and maximise sales. It is your moment to shine and develop content that people will share, like and engage with.


Brand Identity & Message


Whilst it is important that you put your message out on the right platforms for your business, it is just as important that the message itself aligns with your brand personality. Knowing what this is will ensure brand consistency and authenticity in your communications – thus being MORE IMPACTFUL to your customer.

Develop Your Brand Story And Reach New Heights

Whilst there is a spread of ages across multiple platforms, each platform has its own character and uniqueness. This means that different businesses will use and thrive on different platforms. For example, if your customers are other businesses you WILL find greater engagement and impact on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your brand is very visual you may find Instagram best for your brand.

Want to understand how your social media is currently performing?
Get in touch for your FREE social media audit.

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Social Media Platform

Want to Reach Everyone?

A good starting point for any business is Facebook. 80% of Australians have an account (source Hootsuite).

It is no secret that Facebook dominates the Australian social media landscape and has done so for many years. A Facebook page is essential for your brand as it appeals to a broad base. You can then boost your content with a minimal budget to manipulate the algorithms and ensure your content is seen, by your customers. Particularly useful when you are starting your page from scratch!

We’re well versed in maximising your budget to achieve maximum impressions, reach and results. Get in touch to find out more.


Require Business-to-Business Communications?

LinkedIn is actively used by 27% of the population by a predominantly business-oriented audience (source: Hootsuite). Thus making this an essential platform for business to business communications. Are you looking to network, collaborate and market to other companies? Then this is the platform for you. It’s also the place to activate your employees to advocate, promote and share your brand to their wider network.

You may feel you should be more ‘formal’ on this platform BUT you should still allow your personality to shine through. Each month the channel is releasing more and more features that make it increasingly recognisable by a Facebook / Instagram user – such as the introduction of Instagram-style stories. You can also present informative documents in your feed, increasing the ease of message sharing!


Are You A Visual Brand?

Instagram, Facebook’s younger sibling, sees 53% of Australians using the network to share their latest photos and videos (source: Hootsuite). Instagram generally appeals to a younger audience although there has been a shift in recent years with those who started off on the platform in 2010 now 10 years older!

The app has remained fresh and full of features such as Instagram TV (to share long form content), Instagram Live and the latest addition of TikTok-like Reels. Your business will thrive on this platform if you have content rich assets AND with its links to Facebook you could be sharing your ad across both platforms.

Have a product? Instagram Shopping has taken 2020 by storm with the platform capitalising on the fact that 70% of shoppers turn to Instagram for product discovery (source: Instagram Business). Now brands can tag products, publish collections and they are currently rolling out in-app purchasing.




Big On Personality & Public Relations?

Twitter is used by 29% of Australians (source: Hootsuite) and allows individuals, brands and organisations to share bitesize updates.

It is THE place to engage with quick customer service enquiries, share the latest stories AND offer your opinions and insights into particular issues. On Twitter, you can track what’s currently trending in your location, or in the world, as well as use ‘Moments’ to pull together highlights, such as from an event or product launch. Businesses looking to be socially active and interact with relevant political, environmental, or social issues often use Twitter to express their views.

It’s also been known to host a few comedic brand to brand interactions such as:



Jump On Viral Trends

Viral trends and special edition filters dominate all social media channels. How is your business tapping into this?

Snapchat, used by 27% of the Australian population (source: Hootsuite) is one of the youngest of the channels – but still packs a punch. It has become primarily a messaging platform to send disappearing photos or videos and video call your friends. Snapchat also features a news section that media outlets and brands use to share the latest updates in an interactive format attractive to the 60% of users that are 13-24 (source: Statista).

To add to this, you can create geo-targeted filters to promote your latest product or service. This taps into user-generated content that sees your branding amplified to your target audience and their connections.

This functionality is often popular with movies. 2016 saw the ‘Batman’ filter that was available in the lead up to the release of DC’s ‘Dawn of Justice’ movie. An excellent and fun use of user-generated content to build hype and brand awareness.


On the other side of the viral sphere is TikTok. It well and truly boomed in 2020, magnified by the global pandemic. The application has continued to rapidly grow right into December 2020.

2.5million Australians now use TikTok, with 70% of users aged 10-17 (source: BusinessInsider). The application blends music clips, dance routines, or vine style shorts with a general light-hearted humorous style. This is a perfect platform for businesses to reach younger demographics through capitalising on viral challenges/trends. If your brand can blur the line between business and an amusing account to follow, then TikTok’s young audience will respond well to your content.


What Next?


With many platforms to choose from you may wish to start on one platform to grow your opportunities. However, if you’ve got the time and vision a fully-formed social media strategy could benefit your business TODAY!

As each social media platform has its own unique appeal, it is essential that your brand understands this to maximise engagement from the users. If you’re going to use more than one platform it’s important to adapt your message for each platform to maximise reach and engagement. This can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.

By choosing GDR Media Group we will be your creative sidekick. With over 100 years of expertise in the GDR office, we’re here for you every step of the way to develop and execute your social media strategy as you move toward a successful social media strategy.


✨ GDR Will ✨





Choose GDR Media Group today as your multi-channel marketing partner.

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