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Vision PT Rose Bay



A proven track record generating leads.

In our most recent campaign, we achieved 150% form conversion, compared to the previous year, and doubled leads per week, compared with what Vision PT reached with a previous agency.


Vision Personal Training


Video, Social, Branding


To generate leads that increases client base and brand awareness using paid marketing.

Vision PT previously found that lead generation was costly at $118 per lead.
Our aim was to reduce this cost and create engaging content including photos and videos for the client.


Content Aim:

To tell “real stories” of the “real people” who attend this studio and the family atmosphere that keeps us connected, coming back and staying healthy.



We managed a Paid Social campaign across Vision PT Rose Bay’s Facebook & Instagram accounts. A test and learn methodology was used to optimise our adverts constantly and achieve the best possible results. Our insights found:

  • Where the best leads were found - 88% of leads were acquired through Facebook Newsfeed, followed by Facebook Stories and In-Stream Video
  • The best CTA to use - ‘Book now’ converts at almost double the rate than Sign Up or Find our More
  • The most effective headline - Offer in headline ‘21-day free trial’ outperforms ‘Claim your FREE 3-week trial’ and ‘Experience the Vision difference today’
  • The best performing creative to be used - Images with benefits and strong messaging such as ‘results, not promises’ convert the most leads

We optimised the advert based on:

  • Telling Vision PT’s story and connecting with their potential clients emotionally
  • The length of the video for maximum engagement
  • Localisation and age testing
  • Measuring the best performing advert placements i.e. Instagram
  • Expanding target audience to entice more leads




We reduced Vision PT’s cost per lead, based on a previous campaign, by $37 and doubled their pace of lead generation in 3 weeks!

In just 3 weeks our most recent ad campaign with Vision PT reached 50,000+ people with a conversion rate of 9%. Based on website activity in the previous year we increased form conversion by 150% and increased new users by 36%.

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