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IIEC 2022



Creating a Platform for the International Ignatian Ecospiritual Conference 2021

Launch a full-purpose website for the IIEC 2022 to promote the Australian Jesuit Province’s once in a lifetime event


IIEC 2022


Website Design


To give the Australian Jesuit Province a platform to promote the IIEC 2022 event and bring together a community that celebrates God in Nature.

GDR Media Group prides itself as an ethical media house, supporting not-for-profit organisations. It’s our responsibility and passion to give organisations and events like the IIEC the opportunity to tell their story.


"The IIEC will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 2021, marking this with a once in a lifetime conference event. This three-day experience will involve exploring nature in Far North Queensland. The IIEC wanted to create a website that promotes and hosts all information for this event

GDR Media Group is the major sponsor for our International Ignatian Ecospiritual Conference in 2021. GDR has been a great support in creating the website for our conference. Daizy Gedeon (CEO & Creative Director, GDR Media Group) and Joy Crawley (Group Account Director, GDR Media Group) have been very professional and considerate, providing timely advice and help.  

I have greatly appreciated the work they have done with us. I can highly recommend GDR.”

 – Peter Saunders, Co-Ordinator IIEC 2022


The IIEC needed a website that:

  • Attracts people to come to the conference in 2022.
  • Provides information about the background and purpose of the conference.
  • Provides information for participants coming to the conference including the conference program and about the keynote speakers.
  • Has the ability for participants to register and book for the conference.
  • Attracts and advertises sponsors for the conference.



A full-purpose website that promotes the IIEC 2022 and presents all relevant information about the event, with the ability to record attendee information and manage online ticketing.

The creative design of the site was initially developed with the theme of nature in mind to represent and celebrate God in Nature. Imagery is used that entices the user to the setting of the conference in Far North Queensland and Cairns, featuring shots of the Daintree Rainforest and Fitzroy Island.



In line with the website a Facebook page has been created to enable IIEC volunteers to attract people to come to the conference and as a source to keep attendees updated.


The website is a one-stop location for providing all information to attendees and those with an interest in the event. Pages exist that lists accommodation options for attendees. These options have been already negotiated at special rates and availability already locked in. An extra activities page details what people can do when planning their conference experience – such as the Kuranda Scenic Railway!




The website and social platforms were launched in early August 2020, over a year until the conference in 2022 - ready to attract and engage a following for this event.


The IIEC’s challenges were taken into consideration in the creative design, content development and structure of the website. For example, the background and purpose of the conference is detailed on its own page alongside selling points to attract attendees. Such as, the conference being carbon neutral through carbon auditing, carbon offsetting and reducing ecological impact.


The website hosts a wealth of information from the program schedule, to biographies on the keynote speakers. Prospective attendees can register their interest in the event now with pricing for the conference available in 2021.

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