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Jumpa Fitness



It’s always important to remember that it pays to move! Jumpa Fitness offers a service aimed at motivating the community to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be more active to ultimately achieve fitness goals. Jumpa is an application platform that delivers exciting rewards and incentives for staying healthy and being active. How? Get moving and let Jumpa track your activity and collect points for you to exchange for Jumpa Rewards.


Jumpa Fitness


Creative Services, Digital Marketing


To create a social media strategy and design and develop bespoke social media campaigns for Jumpa Fitness to drive app downloads and signups.


Jumpa Fitness had previously engaged a large Sydney-based marketing agency to undertake their social media management and paid social media campaigns (both with the view of growing their online presence and driving App downloads and sign-ups).

Throughout this relationship, the total number of application downloads achieved was 640 over a three-month period. After moving on from their incumbent agency, and asking GDR for help, our team developed innovative and cost-effective outcomes.




The team at GDR worked collaboratively with Jumpa Fitness, utilising key skills and in-house resources to undertake an audit of all Jumpa’s social media channels in order to successfully deliver a high-quality social media content strategy, supported by bespoke asset creation, and implementation. Having successfully delivered a social media content strategy, GDR provided Jumpa with real-time community management supported by the development of a Facebook chat-bot. In addition to the content strategy, GDR developed a range of high-quality paid social media advertising campaigns to drive App downloads and sign-ups.



During our first two months, Jumpa’s website traffic increased by 50%. We also increased the number of engaged users by more than 120% and increased page/post engagements by more than 300%.

Jumpa’s Instagram account also saw a 538% increase in profile views and a 600% increase in profile engagements.

The work the GDR team has undertaken has seen Jumpa Fitness break 800 app downloads per month (and more than 2,600 over a three-month period).

Their previous marketing partners' best achievement was 280 over a 30 day period.

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