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Website Design


To deliver a refreshed fitness website design aligned to the client's branding with the inclusion of an interactive platform for customers to purchase training programs online.

Welcome to Fit7 – Rochelli Roccouto’s online and face-to-face personal training and health coaching focussing on women’s fitness and wellbeing. With a specialisation in pre-natal and post-natal fitness, Fit7 explores fitness at all levels regardless of experience and ensures clients achieve their goals.


Fit7 had previously created a basic website to act as a lead generation and brand awareness tool. With fitness being an increasing trend amongst the community and with an uprising of fitness centres, Rochelli realised it was time to take her website and business to the next level.


After selecting GDR, the team undertook a detailed audit of the Fit7 website clearly outlining key areas for improvement including requirements for optimising lead generation and data capture. Using this audit data and further client feedback GDR developed website wireframes and an outline look/feel for the site, all supported with a concise report detailing the functionality of the new website. Having agreed on a new design inclusive of updated content, imagery, and the integration of shopping cart functionality to purchase Fit7 products and services online, the project commenced.




Working closely with Rochelli to deliver a quality website design that ticked all the boxes, GDR ensured that communication throughout the project was maintained between both parties. Managing the project end-to-end from creating a site map, copywriting, and sourcing high-quality imagery through to the design, development, and transferring the new website to the client’s chosen domain, GDR successfully delivered a website that championed women’s fitness!


Additionally, the team implemented Google Analytics to enable Fit7 to track data and monitor trends and delivering a client training session to upskill Fit7’s knowledge and capabilities in website design and e-commerce management. GDR also completed on-page SEO throughout the website. The Fit7 website highlights products and services from parental personal training to online training programs, lifestyle imagery, and an inspiring story of Rochelli and her success.


Some additional inclusions to the website included a blog section, a media library where clients could access a diverse range of images including success stories and transformations.


Customers can also purchase the entire Fit7 product range online via the new e-commerce section – allowing Rochelli to effectively manage orders and payments easily and securely via a PayPal
account. The Fit7 website was also made mobile responsive.



After delivering a successful website design to Fit7, GDR observed an ongoing increase in visitors across the website, spending an average of 2 minutes on key pages. Rochelli was very happy with the final product as she could proudly direct both current and potential clients to the Fit7 website to find out more information about the online training programs and services offered.



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