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Magic Moments Foundation Case Study


“MMF is a non-profit organisation formed to create a coalition of caring volunteers who are committed to consistently reaching and assisting people who are often forgotten by society.

We are focused on arousing massive change within people to inspire and equip them with the values and skills to live their life with courage, peace, and confidence.”


Magic Moments Foundation


Website Development, Brand Identity/Story & Creative Stories


To support the charity to identify, define, create and amplify its mission to arm people with the knowledge, skills and support to enable them to become the person they need to be and to have the life they dream of having.

Until 2017, GDR Media Group’s CEO & Creative Director, Daizy Gedeon was the Chair of Marketing on the board of the Magic Moments Foundation (MMF).


During her tenure Daizy worked with the board to create a strong, recognisable brand with a clear purpose and story that truly captured the essence and the amazing work of the Foundation.





Repositioning and rebranding the organisation with a simple and inspiring overarching mission of:





GDR Media Group delivered Brand Strategy sessions for MMF to delve into their identity and story. Beginning with a brand constellation we were able to link relevant keywords that align with the MMF:


From this, we discovered inspirational imagery and the potential use of image treatment to bring the MMF identity to life!





The MMF website was recreated under Daizy’s leadership and stands as a beacon of purpose and vision to the many who wish to serve and support members of the Australian community that need assistance, as well as those seeking guidance and clarity.


GDR Media Group delivered a full re-branding for the charity in 2017 and our results are still embedded in the organisation’s marketing today. This included a full overhaul of their brand assets such as main logos and creating sub-brand identities for their three signature programs:



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