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Unwrapping Christmas: Digital Marketing Success

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During Christmas, everybody eagerly awaits their special gift 

From delightful toys and fresh new clothes to exciting giveaway wins!  


At GDR Media Group, we understand that Christmas is not only a magical
time for celebrations; it's also the perfect opportunity for crafting digital
marketing campaigns that captivate audiences and boost brands. 


Remember... it’s not only about displaying your products or services; it’s
about conveying heartfelt messages to your audience.  


Are you looking to create enchanting Christmas campaigns this year? 

We learn by example…. 


Let us get inspired from some of the most renowned recent festive


  1. Create user-generated content


In 2022, the Coca-Cola "Share the Magic" campaign was nothing short of
spellbinding. By encouraging users to share their heartwarming holiday moments
with the hashtag #ShareTheMagic, Coca-Cola saw a staggering 30% increase in
engagement rates.


Over 2.5 million user-generated content submissions lit up social media,
proving that involving your audience is the key to holiday success.


Billboard Advertising Australia

So, why did this campaign work so effectively?


Beyond the iconic imagery and messaging associated with Coca-Cola during the
holidays, it harnessed the emotional connection people had with the brand
during this time.


By inviting users to actively participate in sharing their special moments,
Coca-Cola positioned itself not just as a beverage but as a facilitator of cherished
holiday memories.


2. Decorate your social media


Starbucks, known for its seasonal offerings, brewed up a captivating campaign in
2022 that highlighted the power of visually appealing, shareable content
on social media.


Their Instagram campaign featured delightful festive latte art, visually representing
the holiday spirit.


Billboard Advertising Australia

The result?

A staggering 6 million likes and 500,000 shares. This social media magic
created a buzz and drove significant engagement.


What do we learn?

Implementing visually captivating content paired with the season’s spirit can be a
potent recipe for social media success.

Starbucks effectively tapped into the desire for holiday-themed content and made it

shareable, extending their brand's reach and resonance.


3. Tell stories with meaning:


In 2022, Amazon unveiled a heartwarming holiday campaign titled "Joy is Made."
The campaign tells the story of a devoted father who noticed his daughter's
special attachment to a snow globe.


Determined to create a magical holiday experience, he calls to the neighbors in his community and orders products from Amazon to build a life-size version of his daughter's beloved snow globe in the backyard greenhouse.


Joy is made | Amazon Christmas Ad

Why It Worked?

Because it focused on the emotional connection people have with their loved
ones during the holiday season. It beautifully displays the lengths a father will go
to make his child's holiday extraordinary and memorable.


Through storytelling, Amazon underscores the idea that the holiday season is not
just about buying products; it’s about creating moments of joy and wonder for loved ones.


(Amazon's third-quarter sales in 2022 were up by 15%, and year-to-date sales
increased by 10%. Holiday sales started early with the Prime Early Access Sales
Event in October (Forbes, 2022).)


4. Feature influencers and celebrities:


LEGO's "Holiday Hero" campaign ditched the traditional Christmas visuals of
trees and snowy landscapes, opting instead for a DIY vehicle delivering gifts,
accompanied by Katy Perry singing "Firework" atop it.


Although not a traditional Christmas tune, it has solidified its place as a classic.

This creative twist, although unexpected, turned out to be picture-perfect and captivating.

The main point is...


Do not shy away from adopting a distinctive approach that sets you apart from the
competition. And if your budget allows, consider securing a celebrity to take
spotlight in your campaign.


While not all businesses may have the budget for A-list celebrities, the emergence
of virtual influencers in the Metaverse offers an increasingly popular and
cost-effective alternative.


Check out our previous blog to learn more about the metaverse:


Navigating The Digital Frontier

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So, we have reached the end...or new beginnings!


Learn more from these recent captivating marketing campaigns.


Create more user-generated tailored content and tell stories full of meaning.

And just a little hack... always use videos in your campaigns as they are
the most engaging!


Let us create more meaningful moments together.

Reach out to us today!

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