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Yellow Hope for Jobless



One of GDR Media Group’s most important contracts is to deliver the Yellow Pages books across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. It’s still been business as usual to keep people connected during the COVID-19 crisis. With restrictions in mind we have still had hundreds of people around regional and rural Australia carefully delivering books to people in remote areas where maybe the internet and telephone reception is not so great.

We know most city folk think the books are a thing of the past, but for some communities they are a lifeline that keeps them connected and allows them to find the essential services they need to continue their normal lives.

Interestingly, because so many Aussies and travellers lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, the opportunity to deliver Yellow Pages books came at a critical time. It allowed them to get a job and make some time to help tide them over. We saw a substantial increase in the number of people applying for a job and were very grateful we could offer them work.

As part of our commitment to ensure deliveries are made we have kept in touch with our walkers and have encouraged them to share with us their stories during this time. Here is Team Manou’s story, a couple of French backpackers thought all hope was lost when they were stranded in regional Australia until they saw our Facebook ad, as told by Annaïc:


“If somebody told me that I would be a Yellow Pages deliverer, I wouldn’t believe it. And yet… The coronavirus happened, no more work, no more restaurants, no more fun, no more friends. Our lives were going to change drastically.


And then this advertisement popped up during our daily job search, like a small miracle. We never have been happier to find a job, the question of staying or leaving was on the table and this job meant that we could stay in Australia.


We were so glad to finally be able to get out of our house, just walk and visit neighbourhoods. We didn’t imagine that it would be so rewarding to deliver those books in this context. But everywhere we saw messages on letterboxes, rainbow drawings on windows, chalk drawings on the street floor, stuffed animals hanging on trees and barriers. Despite the climate of fear that reigns at this moment, we always have been welcomed by smiles, thanks and encouragement, from a distance but always warm. A little moment of pleasure during these tough times!”



A heart-warming story that we had to share with you all. There is a silver lining if you search it out and try not to be held down by what’s going on right now. Stay safe!



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