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Letterbox Distribution

From printing to distribution GDR Media Group can offer your business the best deal for your next direct mail campaign, delivered by Australia Post or our independent network of walkers. 

The humble letterbox, once stuffed with at times up to 30 different catalogues, brochures, flyers and cards, today sits relatively empty as even postal letters are on a significant decline. Now your “Inbox” rather than the “Letterbox” is cluttered with not 30 but hundreds of unsolicited emails, notifications, surveys, offers dropping in daily.


Find Out More About Letterbox Distribution - The Forgotten Marketing Goldmine

92% of ALL direct mail is read (source: openuptomail)


We understand it’s important to provide reliable distribution services so that your time and money do not go to waste. At GDR Media Group, we have developed a trusted, reliable distribution team to get the job done, so you don’t have to worry whether or not your business flyers are actually going where you want them to.


Our delivery rates have been known to reach up to 95%, which is well above industry standard.


We’ve built a strong team of ‘walkers’ across the Greater Sydney area to deliver flyers. We have an outstanding success rate and hundreds of happy customers.



Prior to starting your campaign, we use the latest in GPS and GIS technology to develop the optimum route for your flyer delivery. We can provide accurate and detailed information on your local demographic to ensure that your business flyers are being delivered to the right people. From there, we can create maps that streamline the process into easy and reliable routes for our walkers to follow, making sure to reach all of your potential customers. We supervise the walkers during the entire process through our talented operations team, meaning you have nothing to worry about!




GDR Media Group can also organise your letterbox distribution to be delivered officially by Australia Post, straight to letterboxes anywhere in Australia. We are partnered with Australia Post, meaning we can get you the best rates on your delivered campaign, with reliable delivery from a postie and high penetration. Australia Post has the highest reach out of any delivery service in Australia, as well as the highest standards of conduct. Delivering with Australia Post through GDR Media Group is quick, easy, reliable, and great value for money!


The Mellow Yellow Experience

Since 2008 we have worked with Sensis to strategise, project manage and deliver over 5 million Yellow Pages phone books EVERY YEAR, in major cities and to the farthest reaches and the remotest locations and communities in regional and outback Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.


We provide work to more than 1000 local Aussies, backpackers, students and community groups who come together every year to deliver the phone book to their communities.

Our depth of experience in the letterbox distribution game means we can handle your campaign efficiently and effectively to deliver your print material.


Hello Plumbing

Hello Plumbing

Video Production, Website Maintenance, SEO, Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Graphic Design

Hobbs Plumbing & Bathroom Co.

Hobbs Plumbing & Bathroom Co.

Print & Distribution

Google Australia

Google Australia

Printing & Letterbox Distribution



Graphic Design, Printing, Letterbox Distribution

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Graphic Design, Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Video Production

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Creative Services

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GDR have been the leading local area marketing experts for over 40 years.


Our in-depth understanding of local communities and the people who live in them means we’re able to deliver smarter marketing solutions that get your business real results, fast.


Our specialist teams go above and beyond to get you more return on your marketing spend (than anyone else).