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In a world that is becoming increasingly digitised and changing our lives, how can you cut through and make a stand?

If you find yourself asking yourself, “In an increasingly fragmented world, how can you connect more effectively with your customers and provide a personal touch?”, than look to print.


While innovations are now in almost every facet of our lives, sometimes what is old is new again and can be the most effective. Print is a perfect example of this.


Neuroscience research shows that paper beats digital in many ways as it requires less cognitive effort to process making
print marketing 70% more likely to be recalled (source: 


What is Print?

A service that says what it does on the tin but needs to be done to the highest quality. From business cards to flyers, magazines to newspapers, postcards to billboards print is still an important aspect of your marketing campaign. Married with strong graphic design and placement for the highest reach, print supports your brand awareness, promotion of products and most importantly keeps customers coming to you.


What are the benefits of using this service?

Print advertising is proven to have more of an impact on consumers. Online adverts are often skimmed while people are searching for a specific piece of information. The printed word, however, has a much higher retention with the ad itself having a longer recollection.


Multisensory connections also make it easier for your customers to visualise doing, feeling and experiencing what they are reading about. This can increase affinity for the brand or products being advertised. Digital-only campaigns do not generate the same response but through a combination of both you can be sure your advert is seen by all demographics in your target market.


How GDR will work with you:

Print and letterbox distribution is our bread and butter, being the first service we provided when we began 40 years ago. GDR Media Group will manage all aspects of your print marketing campaign, including design, printing and distribution – reducing cost, time and providing a trustworthy service with the highest quality results. All printing can be done on ethically sourced and eco-friendly stock so that we can reduce our impact on the environment together.


GDR Media Group’s Flyer Printing Services

As one of the leading printing and marketing services in Sydney, we know what works in flyer distribution. Flyer printing is an easy way to get your name out there and inform your prospects about special promotions and upcoming events you’re offering.


GDR takes pride in providing the highest quality flyer printing solutions. Don’t just be another flyer in someone’s letterbox, be a valuable piece of information that uses personality to capture the interest of your targeted audience.


We have been printing flyers and leaflets for a long time. A really long time. We know the difference a good quality leaflet can make in terms of bringing in business. There are two main types of flyer printing options to consider:


  • Offset – Offset printing uses plates to transfer images to rubber pieces and then onto paper. It’s often a better option when printing large quantities of flyers.
  • Digital – Digital printing ditches the printing plates and uses toner or liquid ink instead.


Both types of printing yield high-quality images, but it depends on your business and the nature of the project at hand.



Do People Still Read Flyers? 


Good ones, yes. Think about when you receive a beautiful and well-designed flyer in the mail with gorgeous graphics and an offer you can’t resist- it’s hard not to notice right? Flyers should be brief yet informative. Creative yet simple. And distributed in areas your target audience is likely to see them. 


With so many marketers spending their time, energy and resources on digital marketing – there are fewer competitors in flyer printing. Reaching your customers in a different way is always a good idea. Don’t think the two are mutually exclusive- we can easily combine flyer printing and digital marketing For instance, we can incorporate a QR code on your flyers that links to a special promotional offer online.


Prioritising flyer printing in your marketing strategy will diversify your marketing channels and ensure that you are doing everything you can to help your business grow.

For over 40 years GDR Media Group has delivered print and distribution solutions for businesses across Australia


Hello Plumbing

Hello Plumbing

Video Production, Website Maintenance, SEO, Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Graphic Design

Hobbs Plumbing & Bathroom Co.

Hobbs Plumbing & Bathroom Co.

Print & Distribution

Google Australia

Google Australia

Printing & Letterbox Distribution



Graphic Design, Printing, Letterbox Distribution

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Graphic Design, Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Video Production

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Printing, Letterbox Distribution, Creative Services

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