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Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

The same way a rugby team goes into a match with a plan to win, it is important for businesses to formulate an end-to-end plan to keep up with their competitors, win new clients and defeat their opponents.

With storytelling in our DNA, GDR Media Group understands the value of seeing your next marketing campaign from beginning to end.

This involves creating a Media Strategy and a Media Plan before taking care of your Media Buying to ensure all areas of your campaign are covered.


72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through an integrated marketing approach

(Source: Digital Marketing Institute)


What is Media Strategy, Planning & Buying?


HOW your message will be delivered to your consumer. This involves creative ideation and concepting to strategise the purpose, need and ambition of your next campaign.


WHAT platforms will your message be delivered on? Whether that’s using digital, direct marketing, out-of-home advertising, or a combination of all three this is where we look at the best channels to share your message on.


WHEN will your message be shared? Once we’ve created your campaign, we will leverage our relationships with all our channel partners to ensure your message is seen and heard and at the best times to reach your audience.



Our Application

We do this by applying our unique A.M.E formula

The word AME means soul, lifeblood.


Our AME formula is the soul and lifeblood of our agency and is behind every advertising campaign we create.

At GDR Media Group, we AME your advertising!

AME’s power is in its sequence: Audience, Message, Execution.


First, we use data and insights to identify, understand and target your desired audience.

Then we use our understanding of the audience to craft a meaningful campaign message using creative emotive storytelling aligned with your campaign objectives.

The final step is the execution, consisting of channel selection across all advertising mediums, from local area marketing to national campaign activation that will best deliver the message to the audience.


How GDR Will Work With You:

Being an end-to-end solution this service will ensure no piece of the puzzle is left out. GDR Media Group will take care of every part of your marketing campaign – from beginning to end.


The best stories will be remembered. Let us ensure your next campaign is memorable, meaningful and delivers your business tangible results.

The best stories will be remembered.


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