Storytelling… it’s in our DNA

Our Philosophy

Storytelling is in our DNA…It is the lifeblood that runs through our veins…because no one has the same story…


YOUR story IS what makes you U-NIQUE.



Combined with our 40 years of experience in direct mail and delivering messages straight into the letterboxes and hands of your customers, we have gained unprecedented insight and instinct when it comes to local area marketing, which allows us to fortify our core offering with carefully curated channels that establish a well-built marketing ecosystem.


All our campaigns are cohesive, consistent and genuinely resonant, ensuring that every marketing dollar is strategically spent, delivering substantial returns.


Effective Ecosystems
of Marketing

Our Application

We do this by applying our unique A.M.E formula

The word AME means soul, lifeblood.

Our AME formula is the soul and lifeblood of our agency and is behind every advertising campaign we create.


At GDR Media Group, we AME your advertising!


AME’s power is in its sequence: Audience, Message, Execution.


First we use data and insights to identify, understand and target your desired audience.

Then we use our understanding of the audience to craft a meaningful campaign message using creative emotive storytelling aligned with your campaign objectives.

The final step is the execution, consisting of channel selection across all advertising mediums, from local area marketing to national campaign activation that will best deliver the message to the audience.

Our goal always remains the same:

To make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.

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Brand Storytelling

It’s a love story - Between your brand and your audience!
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