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The Pathway To Make Your Next Print Campaign Memorable

Print still matters!
With an incredible ROI print should be a vital part of your marketing strategy.


In a digital age it can be easy to think your marketing efforts should be focussed solely online. However, neuroscience research shows that paper beats digital in many ways (source: Forbes):



“Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable.”


The study also found that people are


compared with a digital advert.


Ready to invest in print? Here are GDR Media Group’s graphic design tips to unleash the magic of your brand when it drops in the hands of your customers.


Graphic Design Tips To Make Your Print Memorable


Brand Style
How you design your print material should reflect your brand image. For example, what are your brand colours and house fonts? Your brand guidelines should be used here to ensure the artwork of your print advertising brings your business’s personality to life! What is it that makes your brand stand out?


Be Consistent
Brand consistency is key to make sure your customers recognise you. Think of all the touchpoints that a customer may have with your brand. If you’re running a digital campaign at the same time as your letterbox distribution and the advert also reflects what is present on your website, there should be a recognisable link with how all these assets are designed. Brand consistency helps put you back in context so people are more likely to remember you.

The hierarchy of the different elements on your advert can determine how people engage with it. Research indicates that readers typically look at adverts in the following order:

The elements in the above design uses the ‘Inverted Pyramid Framework’ to draw the attention and eye line of the viewer from top to bottom. Essentially guiding your reader through what you are offering.


A Clear Call To Action
Finally, and perhaps the most important of our tips, what is the action that you want the reader to do after looking at your advert? Whether it’s to call you, visit your website or buy a product the next step must be clear to convert the reader into a customer.

Guide your reader towards your campaign goal with clarity. Avoid too many messages that can clutter your design. Keep it simple and stick with one main message! Your aim is for the reader to take notice of your print advert, become curious about your brand and remember you.


Five Questions To Ask Yourself


When you’re ready to begin your print marketing campaign ask yourself the following five questions. These are universal regardless of what your business does or sells.

  1. Who am I talking to? (Who is your target audience and are you speaking to them in a language that is relatable to them?)

  2. What’s their problem? (Does your print advertising address a need your customer may have – such as to find a plumber to fix their leaky toilet)

  3. What’s the one thing you can say to solve their problem?

  4. Why should they believe you? (What makes you stand out from your competitors? From your accolades to measurable results – this is what makes your business outshine your competitors.)

  5. What should they feel? (How do you want your customer to connect with your business and excite them with your services?)


Your Next Letterbox Drop Is A Phone Call Away

Interested? Contact us today!


Print and letterbox distribution has found its own way in a world characterised by digital marketing. It continues to prove itself as an effective marketing tool to raise brand awareness and boost sales for businesses, across Australia.

So, if you are interested in taking advantage of letterbox marketing and distribution to reach your customers and improve the ROI you get from your marketing spend then speak with one of our experts today.

We have specialised in design and advertising, copywriting, printing and letterbox distribution for 40 years. GDR Media Group provides unrivalled bespoke marketing services to businesses across Australia that helps them grow, thrive, and succeed.

We can create the ideal letterbox flyer marketing plan for your business’ strategy, which will:


Stay ahead of your competition and let our experts develop a strong letterbox marketing and flyer distribution strategy for your business that helps you dominate your local market.

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