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Be 6% more profitable with Business Intelligence

Research shows that with data-driven decision making your business could be 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than your competitors.


(source: Finances Online)

Continue reading to find out how business intelligence can help your business.



What Is Business Intelligence?


Business intelligence uses technology to effectively analyse data, allowing business owners and managers to make more educated business decisions.

Through interpreting relevant information correctly, you can better understand what is and isn’t working to improve your processes, ROI and therefore drive MORE SALES.

Business intelligence includes:

  • Monitoring customer behaviours
  • Evaluating sales and financial performance
  • Analysing marketing campaigns
  • Optimising processes and operational performance
  • Utilising web and e-commerce data analytics


 “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”

– Dan Zarrella (award winning social, search and viral marketer)


Business intelligence allows you to use your results and resources to market SMARTER to ensure that you commit your efforts and resources into the right areas to improve RESULTS.

GDR Group uses business intelligence to ensure your marketing campaigns
work harder for you so you don’t have to.

We use data, such as demographic information, to determine where is best to target your campaigns. This ensures that every dollar you spend reaches those who are more likely to spend their dollars with you.



Why Should You Use Business Intelligence?


(source: Tech Jury)

The proof is in the pudding as it were. Through using data analytics and digesting this information you can make the right decisions that allow you to work SMARTER not HARDER.

You will be more informed about your market, customers, industry and know what KPIs to implement to track measurable results.

Still not convinced? Email me to find out more πŸ˜‰


Business Intelligence Is CRUCIAL To Develop Your Company


Taking the time to gather necessary data, including customer trends and monitoring what your competitors are doing, will ensure data-driven decisions keeps your business developing for the better.

Online food delivery business, Deliveroo utilises business intelligence and more specifically machine learning to ensure their customers have the best experience with them. Customer feedback, via their app, is monitored by their operations team. This data is then shared with every business user in the company. They can then understand and act on problems as they occur to ensure Deliveroo is the app of choice ahead of its competitors. (Source: Outside Insight)

Digital platforms are available to speed up how you can track and monitor the statistics that are vital to your business. Data dashboards, such as what can be made using Google Data Studio use connectors and plug-ins to automatically gather the information you rely on to improve your marketing efforts, sales pipeline and reporting processes. The fresh food company, HelloFresh succeeded in saving around 10 to 20 working hours each day with its Tableau-powered automated reporting tool along with increasing conversions with its optimised marketing content. In another case study, a major retail company was able to grow its sales by 24% and reduce the attrition of sales reps by 90% through the use of data and business intelligence in marketing (source: Medium)


How You Can Use Business Intelligence


Business intelligence tools can help your business to monitor and observe data trends and generate marketing ideas for an effective decision-making process. They aid in making the best choices and goals for the benefit of your business.


A whole range of dashboards are readily available for all your needs. Using connectors such as those available with Supermetrics and importing them into templates on Google Data Studio you can quickly and easily collate reports on paid marketing campaigns that you may be running. The quicker you can do this, the quicker you can optimise your campaigns to improve their results!


Do you know when most of your sales occur? Or the time of day your customer is more likely to get in touch with you? You should be! Having records of this will enable you to track trends that can inform important decisions such as when to launch a new advert. Or when not to release a promo code that could influence when purchases are made. To add to this, you may have heard of using Google Adwords to hyper-target your promotions but did you know you could be using time-targeting to control when consumers see your advert? There’s no point your advert being viewable from 10pm – 6am if your customers are most active between 7am – 8pm. It’s time to stretch your budget to ensure your campaigns are achieving maximum results.

At GDR Media Group we are well versed in how to use business intelligence.
It’s what drives our processes, our success and why we are proud to still be here 40 years since the business began in 1980.

Call us today so we can help you πŸ˜‰


How GDR Media Group Uses Business Intelligence



We’ve already mentioned data dashboards and stand by the efficiency they enable. They will greatly reduce your time spent collating data from different sources, exporting it and then sharing your results with stakeholders. Our in-house data and technical analysts are on-hand to help you with this.


Through pulling credible and reliable demographic data from various sources we can recommend where your campaign may benefit most when it comes to letterbox distribution. For example, if you offer a service that may not be sellable to suburbs with a high population of renters we may recommend to spend your money in other suburbs that you have not thought of to ensure maximum conversions!


GDR has expertise in intelligently managing operations. We have a proven and long-standing partnership with Sensis to deliver Yellow Pages to residents in NSW, ACT, Queensland and Western Australia. Through using the relevant analytics associated with business intelligence our work with Sensis has grown year-on-year maximising efficiency.

In 2019/20 our Yellow Pages operation involved:

  • 1200 deliverers in 500 teams
  • 20 coordinators & supervisors
  • Led by only THREE GDR employees




✨ Here at GDR Media Group, we understand the benefit of business intelligence to✨

So, what are you waiting for…?

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