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Effective Sales Strategies To Increase Profit By Up To 95%

Achieve 7x more leads with employee-led marketing.


(source: Business 2 Community)

It’s no secret that an effective sales strategy will ensure that your sales team is using the necessary techniques to maximise lead conversion. Competition is tough as your business attempts to cut through the noise. Let’s look at some sure-fire marketing and sales methods to attract customers to your product and put you ahead of your peers.

Whatever your strategy your sales team should be immersed in your targets and all employees well versed in how to aim high. Australia is back in business and many of us gratefully on the road to recovery. Does your business have an effective sales blueprint in place to give you the best possible chance to smash your business targets?

“If you are not taking care of your customer your competition will”
– Bob Hooey (Inspirational Speaker & Successful Business Person)


Before you look at reaching out to new customers are you already doing all that you can to retain and grow your current customer base?



At GDR Media Group, Managing Director, Michael Wilbow leads our sales team with 20+ years of media experience with a reputation spanning Australia and New Zealand. Our ‘Retain, Grow, Replace’ strategy keeps our clients at the heart of what we do – after all your existing customers WILL generate the majority of your business (source: Forbes).






(source: Forbes)

By focusing on retaining your current customers your business could be increasing its profits by up to 95%.

How are you surprising and delighting existing customers? Are you offering current clients special offers for their loyalty? Showing your commitment to existing clients WILL harness long-term relationships and encourage repeat business. These happy customers will then help you to attract new ones too.

Email us today to find out how you can implement effective sales strategies that will improve customer retention 😉


Nurture Your Winning Team


Initially, all teams begin with hiring. Hiring good people may be different to hiring good salespeople. Good people, no matter their experience, have a willingness to learn, grow and improve with you and your team. Good salespeople, whilst being skilled and confident could lack these essential characteristics necessary to making up a winning sales team. Once you have right team, how can you BOOST them to be their BEST?

Make sure that they’re across organisational goals and have key performance indicators to motivate their accountability for what they do.

By taking ownership you will naturally increase profitability because you are making it your goal to reach your targets rather than shifting responsibility onto someone else.

You could get bogged down in the numbers but what will help them to achieve your business’s vision is to make sure they BELIEVE.

The tools that you provide as an effective business leader will leave your sales team with no excuse for what they can achieve. They must BELIEVE in what you can achieve TOGETHER.

Have you read our article on effective business leadership? Engaging your team and getting them behind your inspiring leadership can improve profitability by 21% (source: Forbes).


Improve Sales Through Employee Activation


‘Employee Activation’ is achieved by creating a recognisable culture in your company that motivates your employees to feel proud of where they work and BELIEVE in what you do.

Your customers will see through your sales team if they don’t believe in what they are selling. At GDR Group we hold regular gratitude sessions, to recognise those who have shone brightly in the month prior. These sessions allow team members to highlight who they feel have been role models of our vision, values and purpose. This ensures that our values stay at the core of what we do and why we do it!

You may also be relying on your marketing team to spread your message across the channels that you use but getting all your staff across your communications can radically change how you do business.

Do your employees know what you are sharing on your channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn and the purpose of this? Encourage them to share all content to increase your reach but also to ensure you aren’t missing valuable leads!


Another way to improve sales is through business intelligence! Read more here.



(source: Business 2 Community)


Want to know how you can build a marketing strategy that encourages employee engagement? Give us a call today 😉

At GDR Media Group we grew our reach on our social media channels by 111% in just three months by utilising employee activation.


Teamwork Makes The DREAM Work

GDR Media Group is ready to drive your business forward. Now 40 years strong we have the knowledge and lived experience to survive and thrive. Our customers have ALWAYS been at the heart of what we do. Pivoting and shifting to the needs of your business.

Your DREAMS matter.

We believe that together we can be stronger. Our superior marketing services will amplify your sales strategy. We will always make sure you are doing what you can for existing customers while growing your business and reaching new heights!


✨GDR Group will guide your marketing strategy to✨

What are you waiting for?

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