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Use Humour And Make Your Next Campaign 47% MORE MEMORABLE

Humour can make your next advert up to 66% more impactful to your consumer.

(source: Kantar)

How humour is used in advertising campaigns can make your brand more memorable and sharable. Many studies, including one conducted by data giant Kantar (formerly Millward Brown), show that humour is a tool that shouldn’t be ignored. When it comes to talking to your customers, generating sales and converting leads using humour will trump all other tactics. Of course, humour must be used tactfully and in line with your brand but once you succeed with a funny advertising campaign you WILL reap the rewards.


“Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.”

– George Carlin (American Comedian)


It’s mental health month in New South Wales and while we continue to go through the undeniable experiences that COVID-19 brings one thing can help. HUMOUR. Laughter is the best natural medicine that is proven to strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, diminish pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.

So let’s use it in your next marketing campaign to connect with your customers.

GDR Media Group is a boutique, creative multi-channel marketing agency with one overarching goal: to make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.

We’re ready to develop a memorable campaign for your business that harnesses the power of humour.


Still not convinced? Read on for more benefits of using humour to make your next marketing campaign impactful.


What Humour Will Do For Your Consumers



Light-hearted, funny content is extremely effective and can be used to grab your customer’s attention. Wonder why videos of crazy cats and delightful dogs go viral on the internet? More often than not, it’s because they’re doing something hilarious which makes us share the content far and wide. So why shouldn’t you use humour to do the same for your next marketing campaign?

Stuck on an idea on how to do this? Get in touch 😉


Giving your brand, product or message, a sense of comedy makes an individual relate to your business. It adds another layer of personality to your presence and can be the step that leads to your customer purchasing your product. A funny joke that lands can bring your brand to life and help cross the line from serious selling to enjoyable content and consumption. Remember people are more likely to purchase from trusted familiar sources, so humanising your brand is important (source: marketing charts).


When people laugh they connect. They are more trusting, open and willing to listen. If something makes them laugh they want to hear more, see more or experience more. If your business can harness this, you are more likely to make your brand more LIKABLE than your competition.


Humour WILL Make Your Advert More Likely To Be Recalled



So basically, consumers will be more interested in seeing a funny advert rather than one that highlights why your brand is better than your competitors…

This makes sense as when people laugh or have a funny experience it brings them joy and is a form of entertainment. Also, they are more likely to share or recall that experience with another person. Think how often you share with your friends and family embarrassing or funny stories in one week! This not only triggers word-of-mouth marketing but makes your business something that can be talked about in a positive social setting. Funny brand messages WILL put your business in the forefront of people’s minds. Using humour will make your brand more likely to be recalled so that, for example, when someone says they’re hungry they may remember ‘Did someone say KFC?’ and head there instead of other fast food restaurants.


Brands In The “Funny Business”


Bad puns aside, here’s our take on some brands that are doing it well in the comedy game:

William Painter sunglasses have gone viral within the last year with the above video generating over 70 million views on Youtube. The advert features an entertaining, charismatic spokesperson who preaches the perks of their sunglasses without going on about their competitors. (Remember we said that only 16% of consumers recall adverts with a competitive focus)

With quick jump cuts between shots, deliberate overacting, and bright effects the speaker moves energetically through locations, costumes, and personalities – confidently showcasing their product. The brand speaks perfectly to the rebel customer who wants to buy a new pair of multi-use sunglasses, that are durable and with a bonus of being a bottle opener!

‘Tooheys Extra Dry’ partnered with popular joke news article page, the Betoota Advocate to promote how ‘ordinary’ their beer is. Using silly catchlines stating that Tooheys is “the Adelaide of Beers” and “Australia’s 10th best beer” is bound to make beer drinkers chuckle, connect with their consumers and lead to sales. Through using subtle sarcasm Tooheys uses niche jokes that are bound to land with their target audience and ultimately positions their beer as anything but ordinary!

Lastly Menulog cast famous American rapper, Snoop Dogg in their latest ad campaign ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’, which parodies his rapping style with a Menulog twist. With goofy lyrics such as “Chicken wings to the crib” and “Burger in the low-low”, alongside featuring an internationally known icon Menulog succeeds in speaking to their market with humour. Who doesn’t recall seeing this advert? The proof is in the pudding (that may be on its way to your house via Menulog) with nearly 3 million views on YouTube in just three months.


What GDR Media Group Can Do For You


While humour can be an excellent tool in building connections, and lead generation it can also be difficult to nail. Things to consider are:

  • Comedy is subjective, so might not land with everyone
  • It requires understanding your audience
  • How you do it – your brand doesn’t need to be naturally funny for it to work, it’s all about aligning with your values and how it relates to you and your audience. For example using cheeky humour rather than sarcasm or clever humour rather than slapstick.


At GDR Group our passion is using creative storytelling to connect your brand message with audiences in a meaningful and measurable way. We can develop your next campaign using humour to reach your target audience with IMPACT.


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