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Shopping Centre Advertising: High Impact Low Cost

Digital Out of Home Advertising WILL get you RESULTS


Shopping centres are still important to Australian shoppers despite a boom in eCommerce. “31% of shoppers surveyed plan to do most of their shopping in-store” this summer – the highest prediction compared to other countries around the world (source: B&T). Your customer is visiting and spending in shopping centres, so let’s make sure your brand is seen and heard using digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

A recent survey by Nielson saw 64% of respondents claim that they take action (such as searching for the brand online) when they see a digital OOH advert in a retail space (source: OMA).


Digital screens in shopping centres are the perfect location to ensure your brand is NOTICED and your consumer TAKES ACTION.


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”

– Dr. Seuss (American Author)


And with a strong, creative advert you WILL stand out to your customer in their local shopping centre.

How many times do you make a quick dash to the shops for a few last-minute bits?

Your customers are visiting shopping centres regularly – often 3x a week, especially if there’s a supermarket inside. Therefore, reaching your audience regularly is very achievable using digital adverts out of home.


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High Impact For Low Cost


Did you know? 89% of retail shoppers make a purchase because of seeing digital OOH advertising?
(source: OMA)


Digital advertising in shopping centres generates high exposure for minimal cost. Statistically, no matter where you are in Australia, the odds are thousands of customers are entering your local centre weekly, if not daily.

Consumer confidence has returned to the two-year high we saw in 2018, despite all the troubles of 2020 (source: Trading Economics).
Further proof that your customer is READY TO SPEND.


Capitalise On The ‘Shopper Mindset’

It may sound obvious but your customer’s ready to purchase when they enter a shopping centre. They have made the conscious decision to visit a location that has a primary function of selling products. So why not capitalise on this by making use of OOH advertising?


(source: OMA)

Shopping centres are at the heart of your community to buy and experience new goods and services. These hubs are a place where people of all ages and backgrounds congregate with their friends and family intending to purchase. If your audience is in a mindset more willing to spend, they are therefore more willing to absorb information about your brand if they see it displayed in a shopping district.


Consumers Come To You

Unlike direct mail, social media adverts, or print – customers come to you in a purchase ready mindset. They expect to see adverts in a shopping centre, rather than using other mediums to target your audience based on demographic data, time of day and location. This gives the perception of convenience and makes your advertising seem significantly less invasive and thus more accessible to your consumer. In doing so it ensures your message reaches your customers in a way that no other medium in the marketing world can replicate.

If a shopper walks off an escalator, with a digital screen positioned at the end of it, they WILL see your message.