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Let’s Ensure Your Brand STANDS OUT Against Your Competition

Are your customers choosing you or your competition?


Standing out from the crowd is something that should always be a focus for your business. No matter your industry the competitors will always be there but how do you really elevate your point of difference so that your customer chooses YOU. Every time. This requires a focus on developing a point of difference that sets your brand apart. So, in the famous words of Oscar Wilde…


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

– Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet and Playwright)


Ask yourself: What is it that makes your brand different? Why should customers choose you over your competitors? Understanding this is vital to establishing your unique selling point. Without further ado, here are our top tips to help you strive to keep your brand unique.


Develop Your Brand


(source: Lucidpress)

Your business should place a focus on developing your brand story. What makes your culture, operations and existence better than your competitors? The end goal is to have your customers not just recognise your brand but purchase from you. By humanising your brand, you can establish a personality for your customers, making your brand more approachable.

Their experience should be emotive; they should feel something when they hear your brand name if they are to purchase from you. People trust more when they can engage with you on a genuine human level, building a greater trust through developing a relationship. This means ensuring that all employees, especially at customer touchpoints, are advocates representing your brand mantra.

Establishing a connection between your brand and its customer is embedded in our AME model. Defining your Audience first, followed by creating a meaningful Message and then a tactical Execution to achieve tangible results. Read more here.

Our boutique multi-channel marketing agency is committed to ensuring your campaigns are memorable and evokes a response from your target audience.



Justify Why YOUR Business Is Better

Is it your commitment to customer service, do you put your customer first where your competitors don’t? Is it price, can you undercut competition or offer deals that lure customers in to choose you? Whatever it is make it KNOWN and visible.


Add Value

Customers must see value in what you provide that will benefit them. This means understanding what they desire and looking to personalise what you offer to fit what they need. If you solve their problem or improve their livelihood through what you can offer then they will be more willing to purchase from you.


Don’t Just Say You’re Different – Offer Something Different!


Strive to be new and innovative. Constantly seek to improve your service or product so it can be the best it can be. Sometimes this means adding new ingredients to your recipe or creating a new dish entirely for your customers.


Creative storytelling should connect with the hearts and minds of people.​
Effective advertising should solicit an emotional response.​

It’s time to dig below the surface and see where your true story lies.​ Get in touch today 😉


Understand Your Competition


Quality branding is about being a sponge and absorbing all thing around you. This includes your competition. Understanding who you need to get ahead with is ESSENTIAL to successful brand differentiation. This means keeping a tab on what your competition is doing so that you can adapt and pivot too. The process of differentiation through branding is ultimately one of constant learning and always being willing to improve.  Imagine how powerful it is if you can PROVE that your brand is BETTER THAN THE COMPETITON in the mind of the customer.


(source: Oberlo)


What Does Good Brand Differentiation Look Like?


Let’s use Apple as an example. Whether you are a fan of Apple products or not, you cannot deny that their branding, design and feel is extremely different from its direct competitors.

Start with their brand name: Apple.

They immediately separate their company from other technology brands through a fresh and natural brand name. Furthermore, their products appear and look different through design and function. They have easy-to-navigate interfaces appealing to customers of all ages and demographics. These are deliberate moves that Apple has implemented into their point of difference strategy and are considerable factors in their success. It is vital that your brand strives to stand out as it makes your brand known.

And no, we’re not salespeople for Apple… but you can’t deny their company stands out from the rest!


What GDR Media Group can do for you


Here at GDR we believe more than anything that a brand’s story is key to put you ahead of your competitors. Recalling your brand’s journey humanises your relationship with customers, building trust and customer confidence. GDR will partner with your brand to maximise the connection between you and your audience. Let’s make marketing meaningful, TOGETHER.


Every story matters, especially yours.


GDR will:





Get in touch today for a FREE discovery meeting so we can delve into your brand and offer insight based on the latest marketing trends and expertise.

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