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‘Fishaholics’ take Townsville by Storm

Team ‘Fishaholics’ help smash the 2016 Yellow Pages Townsville project!


Our ‘Team Fishaholics’ never knew what to expect when the family set out to deliver the Yellow Pages books outside the town of Townsville.

It was the family’s first time ever taking on the Yellow Pages Townsville project, and Kathy said it was her husband Neil that coerced her into joining his adventure.


“My husband was definitely the one that convinced me and enticed me by saying that it would be a great way to get fit, earn some money and venture into some of the places unknown to us outside of Townsville.”

The family set off on a four-hour journey west of Townsville delivering over 8000 books in the residential areas of Annandale and Hughenden.


“It was incredibly hard and ‘back-breaking’ work and the weather made it even more exhausting with over 38 degree heat every day,” commented Kathy.

“The best part of the overall experience was having the family together on an expedition that took us to some unknown destinations that we had never visited before.”


You may be wondering how the Fishaholics came up with such a creative and inspiring name for their team? Believe it or not the name was invented by their teenage son Darcy who has had a love of fishing since he was the tender age of two years old and even now goes fishing at least three times a week. In fact, from the earnings, both Darcy and Neil bought some fishing gear!

So would the Fishaholics do it all again next year?  Of course, noted Kathy but with a subtle request that maybe the delivery of the books be moved to the winter months instead of the hot blaring summer months!


When asked about that one word that would best describe their overall experience, Kathy said that each family member had their own word.


For Kathy, EXHAUSTING was the best word to describe her overall experience.

For her husband Neil it was ‘INSANE’ and her teenage sons Darcy and Heath– ‘FUN’ and ‘AWESOME’.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Fishaholics for their great effort in taking on the Yellow Pages Townsville project!

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