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What Consumers Are Searching For This Summer

Searches for ‘along my route’ have grown globally by over 1000% year on year

(source: Think With Google)


2020 has been dominated by search terms related to COVID-19 and the US General Election. However, when it comes to consumer search results what is your customer searching for?

With movement generally limited still, people are looking closer to home for their next purchase. By knowing what your consumer is searching for you can focus your messaging and efforts on channels to generate leads and maximise sales.


“Whatever you are looking for is also looking for you.”

― Sahndra Fon Dufe (Actress and Author)


Local area targeted marketing could be your winning strategy right now. Display advertising, alongside Google Ads, will ensure your business is seen by customers that are ALREADY searching for your product. A consistent campaign will ensure you are TOP OF MIND to your customer.


By understanding your audience, tailoring your message and using the right channels to target your customer we KNOW how to make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.



What Can We Learn From Christmas 2020?


According to a recent article on ABC News, there are ‘fewer Christmas shoppers but they are spending more’. Numbers are appearing to be on par with last year, with some reporting an increase in online spending (as expected due to the increase in e-commerce as a result of the global pandemic). This is putting retailers in high-hopes for the trend to continue with post-holiday sales in the coming weeks!

In terms of what people are searching for Think with Google have reported the following:


“Last Minute DIY gifts” is up 400% compared to last year

“Stocking stuffer ideas” is up 70% globally


And if you’re looking for all year-round purchase search terms to focus your messaging onto “unique gifts for…” has grown 90% year on year.



So what does this mean for your business? Do you have a product or service that fits into the above search terms?
We could be helping you to target your customer with a MEMORABLE marketing campaign that trumps your competition. Get in touch 😉

Remember your targeted campaign doesn’t need to just be done online, with a multi-channel approach we could look at a creative, effective, and result-harnessing print and distribution campaign that’s delivered directly to your customer’s home!


People Are Searching For Inspiration, Solutions & Comfort


Positivity, resolve and empathy is what we are all needing right now as we continue to weather the new norm. As people cope and keep themselves busy people searching for “online learning” is up 400% year on year globally (source: Think With Google).



Regardless of your industry and the products you sell do you have content that could be developing a relationship with your customer? From how-to guides to providing valuable insights a content strategy that engages and teaches your audience WILL encourage them to spend with you whilst tapping into what people want right now.

Email us today to discover what our in-house content marketing expert can do for you!

From seeking out solutions, to searching for inspiring content and finding comfort in our own home searches relating to “home design” have seen a 300% increase year on year. This is the perfect opportunity for the trades and services industry to share their top tips to customers.


We’ve Said It Before – PERSONALISATION Will Win


With social media becoming a purchasing platform, as much as a place for product discovery, customers are expecting a superior personal experience in 2021. This means curating your ads with PERSONALISATION at the heart of your message.

Re-visit our post on the right social media channel for you to find out more about Instagram Shopping.


“Informed buyers want to buy from informed brands” (source: Forbes)


2021 is not just grabbing first-party shopper data and re-targeting your customer with no strategy behind it. It’s about personalising your ads in a creative way that makes your brand MEMORABLE.

Your customer now expects you to know more about their journey – they want your brand to know what they’ve bought and guide them on what they should by next.

Sherene Hilal, SVP, product marketing and business operations, Bluecore, predicts it’s “not just a matter of brands meeting consumers where they are; it’s about brands telling them what they want, when they want it.


GDR Media Group Understands Your Customer


With our team of experts, which have over 100 years of combined media experience, we KNOW how to target your customer to enable a meaningful, memorable, and measurable relationship with your business.

We can reach your customer based on what they are searching for using display advertising, search engine marketing alongside multi-channel marketing approaches, including direct mail. Your brand will be top of the pile. ALWAYS.


✨ GDR Will ✨





Together we can form a successful partnership that will help your business thrive even more!

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