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How Designers and Programmers Can Improve SEO Together

You have 2 to 9 seconds to make an impression on your customer!


The design of a website can improve so many SEO metrics. However, the design itself depends on both designers and programmers. The sleekness of the code and efficient design solutions can make your website faster, simpler and more efficient. This allows for a much greater conversion rate and a much superior user experience. It overall benefits your website in more ways than you can possibly imagine.


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”
– Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Company)


The thing is that designers and programmers must work towards the same goal and the starting point is always the understanding of basic SEO principles.

GDR Media Group believes in the power of marrying data with creativity.
Combining metrics and processes, such as SEO, with our storytelling DNA will set your business up for success.


In the meantime, here are several basic SEO principles and methods for achieving it.


1. Page Speed Is A Serious Metric


According to some surveys, about 25% of your entire audience might leave if your website fails to load within 4 seconds.


Moreover, 2 seconds is seen as an ideal loading time and it happens as a direct impact of both design and code. Generally speaking, people have a low attention span when surfing online, which is why you have between 2 and 9 seconds to make an impression on your visitors. Past that, you risk losing them forever. With great speed, your website will rank a lot better. Moreover, the user experience will improve drastically.


2. Good Design Lowers The Bounce Rate


An efficient design drastically lowers the bounce rate. This is since counter-intuitive navigation causes a lot of confusion and irritation amongst people, which, in turn, results in a negative user experience. Not knowing what to click next is a cause for confusion and there are some users who immediately leave. Customer trust is pivotal and in order to establish it you need to avoid this pitfall. The problem with the online community is the fact that it’s incredibly competitive. It’s far easier for someone to just go to your competitors rather than to stay and try to figure out your complex design.


3. The Paradox Of Choice


One of the biggest problems, design-wise is the concept known as the paradox of choice. It is something that can drive away your audience and run your conversions into the ground. Namely, people love to choose but having too many options can make them unable to make the right choice. According to one Harvard Business Review study, people who had 24 options to choose from, were 10 times less likely to make a choice than those who had only 6 options to pick between.

The thing is that a larger number of choices also increases the number of “wrong” choices, which is something that can make your audience quite uncomfortable.


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4. A Branded Experience

According to expert Sydney web design specialists creating a unique and memorable branded experience is what WILL drives YOUR sales. Your website needs to be sleek and have all the necessary visual messages that represent your brand. If you are running a luxury brand, you need to have luxurious images, colours, textures and templates on your website. This way, you also reduce the bounce rate, seeing as how all your qualified leads will immediately know that they’re on the right website.



“stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone”

(source: SmarterCX)


GDR Media Group carries out a combined approach when it comes to Web Development and SEO for a range of clients.
We’re here to help you too! Get in touch 😉


5. Implementation Of Different Formats


Text-on-white-background is an outdated format. Sure, it still has its perks but in order to make your content more interesting, you need to add images, audio and video content. Each of these additions has a great impact on your bottom line. However, optimizing images, implementing the right video format and managing audio content is not an easy thing. You need to make sure that it doesn’t slow down the website, that there’s no buffering and that you provide an overall smooth user experience. It also keeps your content fresh and gives you a chance to recycle old formats.


6. Minimalism


Every interactive element (or element, in general) that you add to your website is an additional HTML request. This means that it will take extra time for your website to load. This is why minimalism is the right way to go. Also, make sure that you follow all the rules regarding the HTML-to-text ratio. Generally speaking, 25% to 50% of text-to-HTML is a great ratio and is looked upon favourably by search engines. Enough white space can also help make your content more readable. In other words, it’s both functional and an aesthetic fix that you need to focus on.


7. Responsiveness To Different Shapes And Sizes Of The Screen


The most important thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that your audience browses your website through screens of different shapes and sizes. This is definitely a reason for major concern. The thing is that you need to keep in mind is that you have the two best options. First, you can go for a responsive design, which is the simplest, cleanest and probably the best option. Second, you can go for adaptive design, which is more expensive but provides a superior user experience. Practically, it’s a situation where you have one design for every single screen size and type.


8. Programmers And Designers Must Work Together


As you can see, your SEO is a result of a combined effort of both programmers and designers. It’s your website’s front and back end, that need to work together in order to make an end-to-end result that fits everyone equally. From the standpoint of SEO, you have two types of audiences – humans and bots. You need to satisfy them both. This is why you need programmers and designers equally in order to achieve the greatest possible result. It’s just one of the many tricks you would have to utilise in order to get there.


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