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Lead The Way Ahead Of Your Competition

How your brand can use the latest marketing trends and analysis to stay ahead of your competition.


Responding to competition can be difficult but we’re here to help!

By staying up to date with marketing trends, using competitive analysis and assessing the success of your business you can determine your next move to keep your customer wanting more.

With the right research, your brand can reassert its position in your target market. Business is competitive so don’t allow your brand to get left behind.


“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
– Lou Holtz (former American Football Player)



Partner with GDR Media Group today! GDR Media Group is a multi-channel media agency that works with businesses such as yours to ensure you retain and grow your customer base with creative and innovative marketing solutions.

Think of us as your sidekick that stays up to date with the latest media insights and trends while delivering tangible results. Claim back your time to spend it on what you do best.



The Latest Marketing Trends


We all understand the value of marketing. It’s ESSENTIAL to make sure your brand is seen, heard, and chosen. But many businesses get left behind by not shifting with the latest solutions that achieve the best ROI for them.

Keeping an eye on the latest marketing trends can make your brand THE pioneer in your industry to connect with your customer with IMPACT.

Don’t just check out your competitors, are there company’s out there that align with your business’s values that are doing something different, which your brand can learn from?

The digital revolution has happened and it’s not going anywhere.



In fact Bridget Perry, CMO at Contentful, predicts:


“We’ve found a digital innovation gap between what customers demand and what brands are currently capable of delivering. That’s why digital leaders across industries tell us they plan to spend, on average, 25% more on digital in 2021. And 25% is just the average — some plan to spend significantly more. CMOs who aren’t scaling up their digital spending will soon be outpaced by competitors.”



Your customer expects the greatest service NOW AND wants to see WHY they should believe YOU.

Using Video as the creative medium that ticks all the boxes for your next marketing campaign is continuing to be the front runner.



84% bought a company’s product after seeing one of their videos (source:

With an award-winning film maker as our CEO and Creative Director we KNOW video and can deliver your next video campaign from beginning to end.

Need to know what to do with your video assets next? We can help!

With us your video can be used across any channel, even in a print campaign. Call us to find out how 😉


Competitor Analysis


To elicit the best competitive response, your brand must keep an eye on your competitors and similar companies that your business aligns with. This can involve analysing their marketing campaigns or branding to see what they might be doing that you can learn from.

The easiest way to do this is to approach it from a customer angle. Experience what a customer of your competitor goes through when they make a purchase. By following their journey you’ll better understand not only what they do differently but how their approach may appeal to their customers.

It’s important to know what you’re up against so that you can do it BETTER.

Hungry for more strategies about how to get ahead of your competition? Check this out.


SWOT Analysis


Regularly performing a SWOT analysis, an applying this to your marketing efforts is a great way to assess your business position and how you can get ahead. This is a great exercise to measure what your brand does well and where it can improve.

  • Strengths – What are you doing well when it comes to marketing? Is it the content that you’re able to produce? Do you have a highly engaged audience?
  • Weaknesses – Is time and capacity a problem? By using GDR we can become an extension of your marketing team.
  • Opportunities – Where are the opportunities that exist in your marketing? For example, are there customers that may be up for authentically supporting and promoting your business?
  • Threats – What is it that can get in the way that you have no control over?

A successful SWOT analysis can be the difference between an effective and ineffective competitive response. By looking from the outside in GDR can help you with this!



Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes


Going back to basics and refocusing on what you do well is sometimes what can be the solution. Attempting to alter your strategy can often distract your focus away from why customers choose your business over others. It’s also important to see how your message is reaching them.

Customer profiling is an excellent way to identify exactly WHO your ideal customer is and HOW your brand can reach them.

In short, you could be falling behind your competition because they are more attractive to your customer. BUT, it’s not too late. Let’s win them back.

Get in touch with GDR and we’ll work with you to establish your target audience and how to reach them with a tailored message and tactical execution.


What Can GDR Group Do For You?


GDR are your storytelling experts. We are a full-service multi-channel marketing agency that will ensure you are seen and heard by your audience. No matter the solution our goal is always the same: to make marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.


✨ GDR Will ✨




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