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What Is Display Advertising?

Display marketing is targeted advertising with tailored messages that use high-traffic sites to reach your audience. With a strong creative execution, this is the perfect opportunity to demand attention and interrupt your customer from the content they are currently reading.


The purpose: to remind them of a purchase they may have not completed or a brand awareness piece that nudges your prospect to choosing YOU over a competitor.



63% of consumers make purchases from sites with relevant recommendations (source: Think With Google)


What does this mean? Display advertising, when informed by the correct data, will use technology to target the most likely user to engage with your brand.

Ever searched for schools in your area to find the best place for your child or the cheapest flights to Brisbane? After you’ve done this and headed to did you immediately see an ad served to you related to this?

What you saw was a display advert.

This is an effective digital marketing tool that you can use to ensure your brand is ALWAYS top of mind to your customer.

Display advertising is also a measurable and affordable form of advertising with great reach. A recent Semrush study found that display networks reach 90% of global internet users.



Execute a creative display marketing campaign and you WILL reach your target audience AND can actively track its effectiveness through impressions, clicks and conversions.


“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.”

– Lilly Walters (Internationally Renowned Professional Speaker)


This is where GDR Media Group comes in! Our goal is to make your brand cut through the noise with a clear message that connects with your customer. We’ll launch a display advertising campaign that gets you the tangible results you’re looking for and is creatively executed with storytelling at the root of your message. After all – a story well told is a story well sold.



What Are The Different Types Of Display Ads?


There are a range of formats that alter how your brand’s message will reach your customer. Common types are: banner ads, rich media and pre-roll video.


Banner Ads

This type of display ad can be made up of many components. It can be a full skin that takes over the background of a site or placed in various spaces down a web page. Below is an example, taken from the Sydney Morning Herald (30 March 2021).


The above is part of The University of Sydney’s always-on brand awareness campaign that keeps their institution front and centre. A cost-effective opportunity to direct prospective students to their site to find out what makes them different!

CLICK HERE to see how we took over the Daily Telegraph’s website to promote the Australian Wildlife Park’s 2021 Calendar.


Rich Media

These adverts are useful for customers further down the sales funnel that may be ready to interact with your brand.

The below example is a display advert featured on Facebook. Roseville College used this campaign to direct prospects to inquire about their school and attend a campus tour.



GDR Media Group is delighted to work with many educational institutions including being an appointed media agency for The McDonald College.
Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!


Pre-Roll Video Ads

We all know why your business must do videos. They are the most effective and engaging form of media and can be repurposed across your marketing strategy including in the form of pre-roll video ads.

Ever watched a YouTube video and seen an ad automatically play before your video? This is what a pre-roll video ad is. Below is an example from TAFE NSW:



With an award-winning filmmaker at the helm of GDR Media Group, we can produce your pre-roll video as well as implement it as part of your display campaign.


While these ads all vary in execution, they all share one overarching purpose. To get your target audience to remember your brand AND take action. GDR Media Group regularly delivers display advertising campaigns for clients in a range of industries. Get in touch today to find out more!


GDR Media Group is YOUR Full-Service Agency


We are an independent agency that will guide your business to think differently about marketing. With storytelling in our DNA our goal is always the same: to make marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.

Our team of experts will immerse themselves in your brand and choose the channels best suited to your business to ensure it is ALWAYS seen and heard. Our creativity will propel your brand story to the TOP of your customer’s minds. Every time.



  1. Use data-led resources to ensure your target audience is reached

  2. Develop a creative campaign that cuts through the noise

  3. Launch an ongoing campaign that YOU can track

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