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Let’s Put Your Business On The Map

How your business WILL benefit from domestic tourism


With over 800,000 government subsidised half-priced domestic flights, there are many opportunities for your brand to gain business from a wave of travelling Australians.

Australian airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Rex are offering cheaper flights to take advantage of the lessened travelling restrictions. It will bolster the tourism industry primarily through a rush of new business from interstate travellers. This accompanied with state incentives such as NSW Government’s Dine & Discover vouchers means your customer has access to funds ready to spend with you TODAY.

Your brand could be benefitting from new customers, particularly if you’re in the arts and culture, tourism, food, or entertainment industries. With an effective marketing strategy, you WILL attract new customers ready to spend and enjoy your services.


How are you advertising that you’re open for business to out of town or state travellers headed your way?

Opportunities like this don’t come very often and you’ll need to act quickly if you want to make the most of it…


“You have to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

– Eric Thomas (American Motivational Speaker)



Get in touch with GDR Media Group today and we’ll work alongside you to help your brand capitalise on this potential new business through a creative and meaningful marketing campaign.



Are Customers Ready To Travel?


Recent search data reveals that customers are looking to leave clustered areas. Google trends shows Australians looking for travel vouchers, passes and bundles for a chance to escape their homes and experience COVID-free destinations at cheaper prices. In the last month the TOP FIVE Google searches associated with travel by Australians were related to:



What does this indicate? Well, essentially the government promotions are working! People are showing interest in travelling interstate in high numbers.

Over the Easter period Qantas and Virgin saw booming ticket sales that matched 2019 levels.


Virgin “posted its best day of domestic bookings in its 20-year history last Thursday [1 April] with 71,000 travellers snapping up half-priced flights rolled out by the federal government.” (Source: The Australian)


This means that there is an influx of Australians moving both within states and interstate. So, your brand should prepare accordingly to take advantage of new business from spending travellers.


Further Government Support Means Further Opportunity


The NSW Government recently launched Dine & Discover vouchers. These are vouchers that grant NSW residents up to 4x $25 dollars to spend at hundreds of dining, arts and tourism businesses across the state. Brands are already promoting these vouchers to attract customers to their venues.

What have you got planned?

Check out The Rocks’ website to see how they are specifically promoting businesses in the area for customers to dine and discover in one of Sydney’s most popular precincts.

If your brand welcomes these vouchers, you should ABSOLUTELY be taking advantage of it and promoting it.

Not only this, but the NSW government’s tourism support package includes 200,000 vouchers for hotels worth $100 each to stimulate the travel/leisure industry even further!



Let’s delve into your marketing strategy to utilise the best channels and creative messaging with a targeted approach to reach those ready to spend with your business.



Take Action Now


If you haven’t already you should be utilising your marketing budget to target potential customers headed your way.

With SEM, for example, we can target customers actively searching for terms including “best things to do in Sydney” – this way we can begin to open your advertising out to interstate travellers about to embark on their trip.

Using a cost-effect display advertising campaign will also enable you to track and retarget potential customers.



CLICK HERE to find out more about display advertising.


As we approach the end of the financial year, you could be recouping your losses by taking advantage of increased domestic travel.

What are the steps you are taking to make yourself known to your customer? Have you thought about an effective campaign that will make your customers choose you over a competitor?

Your marketing strategy should be focused around these voucher packages by reaching the right people in the right location. For example, if your business is in a more rural area how are you targeting individuals in metro areas that looking to escape the city?



Ensure you remain visible in your local area too. Your further afield customer may already be in the area AND local customers could still choose to spend their vouchers with you!

Together, we can segment each of your target audience groups to ensure the message they receive is tailored to their narrative.

Call us today for your free Marketing Workshop – as your business partner first our goal is to offer the best media solution that generates the highest ROI.


How GDR Media Group Can Help


With a team of over 100 years of collective experience as reputable marketers, GDR Media Group has been supporting businesses across Australia for over 40 years.

Partner with us today and we’ll launch a campaign that maximises your visibility to those looking to travel and spend. You’ll have access to numerous channels such as digital, social, letterbox distribution, TV and radio – to name a few.

We are delighted that travel is finally returning and we’d love to put your business on the map!


✨ By Choosing GDR We Will ✨




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