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More People Buy After Flyer In The Mail

FACT: Around 58% of consumers are more likely to buy something if they receive a flyer in their letterbox advertising it.
(Source: Australia Post report)



Despite the advances in technological innovation, Direct Mail remains an effective way to get people to buy from your business. DM has proven to be an integral part of any multi-channel marketing strategy with some of the biggest retail and now even online businesses using the channel.


Any marketer worth their weight combines a direct mail strategy using printed flyers or bespoke pieces as part of their marketing strategy because it offers something different that digital cannot offer. With printed media your brand is directly delivered to the customer’s home in a physical form. Depending on the customer, it could remain in their homes visibly for quite some time, giving your brand repetitive eyeballs in the daily life of your customer and all their housemates or family. The exponential effect is something that digital just doesn’t offer because digital is isolated and personal on a single person’s device.


But printed media that gets inside the home and lands on the kitchen bench or coffee table gives your business an advantage that digital just can’t compete with. It captures the customer’s attention repeatedly, subliminally gaining their trust through familiarity and consistency and stays front of mind which is a impact NO OTHER CHANNEL can claim.


The impact of physical messages is highlighted by Poet Johann Wolfgang…



“Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – German Poet


But not all direct mail pieces are created equal, so if you want your business to have a lasting impact you need to create a unique print campaign that will immediately capture your customer’s attention and make it hard for them to easily discard. That’s where we come into the picture and literally a “picture” or the “right picture” speaks a thousand words and also has a profound impact on the person holding it.


Let us show you what we mean.

Take sample A below. A typical menu from a local café

Now check out sample B. Which piece grabbed your immediate attention?



Right – Sample B. Why? Because it was way more imaginative, had colour, personality, and it appealed to your senses. So ultimately you would have decided to buy a pizza from restaurant B because they “looked” like they would have better pizzas right? Right.


That’s what you need to do with your business. You need to make it pop, stand out, look better than your competitor, subconsciously make your customer choose YOU!.


This is what we do great at GDR Media Group. With over 40 years of industry experience combined with a talented creative team we know what will work for your business and have customers buying from you and not your competitor.


Need further convincing? Well, read on and uncover why direct mail is a must for your business...





The evidence is in and direct mail is a super-effective way of capturing the attention of your customer. Here are some stats below:


81% of consumers read their mail immediately
74% of Australians give mail their full attention
65% of Australians read every piece of mail they receive
56% always share mail with other members of their household


(Source: Australia Post report


Why is this you’re wondering? Well, as opposed to screens, mail has a physical call to action which makes its impact instant and hard-hitting. Instead of displaying your advert on a smartphone, in an email tab, or an Instagram post, all of which have strict formatting, you can use direct mail with no such constraints.


Your brand can take advantage of this freedom and create something original and different. This is something that can’t be replicated in digital media which allows you to capture and hold your customer’s attention better than any other channel.


So, what does this creativity look like? Have a look at what BMW did for their winter weatherproof tires:



It’s very simple when you think about its design, however such a smart way to get across a clear message. This is something that would have customers marvelling at the ingenuity of what they are holding and will truly capture their attention. This is something that cannot be replicated to this extent online, instead, it’s unique to direct mail marketing.

Want to wow your customer? We’ll help you! Get in touch today





Direct mail is more memorable and has a higher brand recall than digital forms of marketing.

According to TrueImpact, a study saw customers 75% more likely to recall physical marketing over digital’s 44%. This indicates that printed media interacts better with our brains than screens do.


Why? Well, so much of our lives have become digitised, that seeing physical text leaves a longer-lasting mark in our minds. Furthermore, 81% of consumers have a dedicated place to keep mail in the home. This means that your brand could be stored in a specific location in the customer’s home alongside other important documents. It means that your brand could be seen multiple times over an extended time period.


Remember, direct mail isn’t limited to just printed media, there are multiple ways your brand could reach your customer through their letterbox. Magnets are an excellent example of this as they can often end up right on the fridge of your customer. This means your brand could be on a focal point in a customer’s home for months or even years!


Is customer brand recollection important for you?
Give us a call today and we’ll see what we can do.





Direct mail is 58% preferred for important information such as bank statements, legal documents, or bills. (Source: Australia Post report


This perception rubs off on your brand’s message in the letterbox making your customer more likely to see your brand’s information as credible and trustworthy. Compare this to digital and social channels where there is an abundance of false and misleading advertising.


Unlike other forms of marketing such as email, direct mail has a physical presence that cannot be replicated. For direct mail can’t be deceptive, as it’s all in front of the customer’s eyes which acts to further make direct mail appear less threatening. This eliminates a strong point of hesitation that other digital forms of marketing often produce, and as a result, with direct mail the sender is 33% more trustworthy as opposed to 24% for email. (Source: Australia Post report)


Want to gain your customer’s trust?
Get in touch about a direct mail campaign today!




This is because sending a piece of mail requires greater effort which immediately creates a bond of intimacy when the customer receives it in their letterbox. Your brand has physically made the effort to create a message designed to connect with your customer and it’s been sent directly to their home. This leaves a lasting impression on your customer and makes them feel valued.


39% feel receiving mail makes them feel valued by the brand
38% makes them feel important
52% shows the sender takes the information seriously
(Source: Australia Post report)


Remember your customers are emotional beings too and seeing your brand taking the extra mile goes a long way for them. With your customers understanding this, they are also more likely to receive the information more genuinely and take your message seriously.


Let’s create an emotive message together,

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There’s a perception that direct mail is an old and outdated form of reaching customers. This leaves many to assume that it’s only effective with older consumers, however, this is NOT the case at all.


Young consumers are very familiar with being marketed to digitally. For this reason it can be difficult to reach them online because “everyone” is bombarding them with content. This has made them wary of online marketing and far more sceptical than older people. However, this “purchase hesitation” or caution doesn’t extend to direct mail where statistics show that around 46% of 18-34-year-old’s have made a direct purchase after being sent direct mail. So by using direct mail combined with your other marketing channels, your brand could magnify and multiply ROI with younger consumers.


Eager to connect with younger consumers? Partner with us today.



Why partner with GDR?


GDR Media Group has over 40 years of experience in the direct mail industry. Our philosophy has always been to focus on the importance of brand storytelling in reaching customers effectively. Our mission is to make marketing meaningful and our promise is to reach your customer.


With a passion for ingenuity and innovation, our team looks to push the boundaries and offer unique solutions to make your brand stand out. However, we aren’t just creatives and digital marketing experts, we are the leaders in targeted letterbox distribution local area marketing services.


By partnering with GDR, we will:


Develop your brand’s message

Create a unique direct mail campaign

Ensure your direct mail piece is delivered directly to your customer’s letterbox



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