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Let’s Put The Cogs In Motion As YOUR Business’s Sidekick

With independent agencies rising, read why GDR is the right partner for your brand.


As brands increasingly look to independent agencies to deliver their marketing strategies over large-scale agencies, how do you find the right sidekick for your business? Your relationship with an agency is more than just the results, it’s how your values align so that the partner you choose becomes an extension of your brand.


You need to share the same goals, communicate effectively and work together to get the best result possible.


At GDR Media Group we ALWAYS deliver a high-quality service and as an independent agency, we promise a more personal, honest and genuine relationship than our bigger counterparts.

GDR is ready to be right by your side and use the best marketing channels to get your brand in front of your customer. We’re here to share our knowledge with you and as Hamdi Ulukara (CEO of Chobani) once said:


“When you share success, it grows”


So, let’s partner and grow together!


A partnership with GDR will mean you have your own trusty marketing sidekick by your side. It’s our passion to work with brands like yours to make marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results, with storytelling at the heart of all that we do.

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Keep reading to find out how we can help your business grow 😊



GDR’s Passion For Brand Storytelling

What’s the best way to feel emotion? Through storytelling!


And storytelling isn’t just limited to art, literature and film… but in marketing as well.


By telling a story through your marketing you can relate to your customer and build a human connection with them. When customer’s build a connection with a brand, it’s not necessarily with the product itself but how it’s presented. Who is presenting the product? How is it being used that’s relatable to them?


We understand the importance of storytelling to people. It has been a part of all culture since the beginning of time, from cave paintings to the TV series we now binge on.


At GDR Media Group we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and communicate a brand’s story across multiple channels. For today’s customers, emotive marketing is what resonates and commands them to take action.



Did you know up to 93% of customers have tried a new brand after a heartfelt advertisement? (source: CustomerThermometer)

Uncover your story and make it known with GDR, partner with us and we’ll tell your brands’ story far and wide!


Gain An Outside Perspective

When engaging with an agency you’ll be able to gain an experienced perspective of an outsider viewing your brand. Independent agencies offer a uniquely personal experience that larger agencies wouldn’t be able to provide.


By viewing your brand from an external perspective external we can put ourselves in your customer’s shoes to see how each piece of your puzzle translates. Evaluating your brand regularly can lead to improving your brand strategy, customer touchpoints, and your customers’ journey from beginning to end.


What better brand to help you than GDR?


By partnering with GDR you’ll be working with an independent agency that has over 40 years of experience. Our outside-the-box thinking provides your brand with alternative ideas to solve problems.

Remember, you’ve got to be different to STAND OUT, so let’s be original together, get in touch today! 1800 657 797



The Proof Is In The Pudding

Need some more evidence why GDR is the right agency for your brand? Take a browse at our case studies here.


Over the past few months alone we have helped to launch a new gym by creating their brand new site, producing video content that tells their unique story and delivering a lead-generating display campaign. We have also increased the Google ranking of a plumbing client's website from 90 to 45 with an in-depth SEO strategy.


Like what you see? Let’s get the conversation started about YOUR brand. Give us a call today: 1800 657 797


Our Capabilities

While we may appear as a smaller independent agency, our capabilities aren’t limited. GDR can deliver campaigns across multiple channels and we’ll get your brand to the highest peak. From digital to print and creative services to video production. We have over 40 years of experience in the local area marketing game, with our CEO and Creative Director, Daizy Gedeon at the helm. Did you know Daizy is also an award-winning filmmaker?


Explore our services here.


What GDR Will Do For Your Brand

Working behind the scenes, GDR will be with your brand every step of the way. Whether it’s an entire multi-channel strategy or a singular campaign, our passion is helping brands engage with their audiences in a meaningful way. We do this using our AME formula, which has worked time, and time again.


Partner with us today and we’ll make sure your brand is ALWAYS top of mind to your customer.


Working With You We Promise To

Understand your audience and how to best reach them

Work side by side to design your brand’s story in a meaningful way

Execute a memorable campaign using the best channel selection

Deliver the highest quality, professional level of service throughout our partnership

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