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Top Creative Executions for Outdoor Advertising

Think BIG with Outdoor Advertising


When it comes to outdoor advertising, your brand is on show big time. Whether it’s a digital billboard, banner, or mural, it’s a chance to be daring and different. You’re presented with heaps of space, and your brand could completely capture your audience's focus even more so with a creative touch. Having the confidence to try something different is the way to open the door, successfully get your brand known, and become the topic of conversation.


“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock”

- Tony Gaskins (Motivational Speaker and Life Coach)


So, what does this bold creativity look like you’re wondering?

Well, let’s have a look back at this year’s Outdoor Media Association’s Creative Collection competition and the campaigns they highlighted, as well as some of our own selection of OOH advertising.


Let’s think BIG about your brand.
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Subway Footlong Fame


Subway took the leap of faith in that Australian’s would be so familiar with their iconic foot-long sandwich that they didn’t require any form of text or branding. Here it’s not about the brand but rather their iconic product. When their customers see the foot-long they immediately think of Subway, rather than just a standard sandwich from a competitor. Subway’s delicious sub looming over a highway as drivers zoom by surely increases their appetite and makes them wonder where their nearest store is!



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Stop It At The Start


Domestic violence is an issue that’s plagued Australian society for far too long. The Australian Government has made a push to change attitudes by stopping the disrespect of women from the start.

These throwaway excuses of ‘asking for it’ and ‘he likes you’ are crossed out and contrasted with coloured text, automatically drawing your eye to the real message.

“She was just wearing her new dress”

“He did it because no one has stopped him”

The Australian Government shows us how a campaign can be visually CONFRONTING and IMPACTFUL.


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Holey Moley 'Guess The Golf Balls'


Here Holey Moley pushed the boundaries of audience interaction and engagement in the outdoor advertising sphere. They identified the increased usage of QR codes allowed them to produce an interactive element to an already creative outdoor campaign. The Holey Moley tv show, which ran earlier this year, was bright, goofy, and fun. Knowing this, it’s no lie that this campaign fit perfectly to their brand identity of the Jester.

Find out more about the importance of branding here.


The ad features famous Australian Golfer, Greg Norman who has his head displayed comically with a sea of golf balls pouring from his mouth. Pedestrians are encouraged to scan the QR code and guess how many golf balls there are. This campaign is a brilliant example of how an interactive display can be used to build hype and exposure for a newly launched product or event. Holey Moley succeeded in launching a public competition using outdoor advertising.

Rather than advertising this competition digitally, Holey Moley received more engagement and audience interaction by using outdoor.

The campaign is original and successfully leaves a lasting impression on their audience through capturing and holding their attention.


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At GDR we love highlighting great executions of meaningful marketing campaigns. Here are some other campaigns that were given a spotlight in our weekly #HatsOff social media campaign.

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Earn Beer For Solar Energy


Victoria Bitter recently launched a GREEN national multi-channel campaign that promotes their customer’s use of solar power in exchange for a slab of beer! VB used a digital board that updates with the UV index for the week alongside their core message. This is dynamic, interactive, and engaging whilst also providing a purpose to the campaign. It’s not only pushing their branding but giving their audience something useful with a clear CTA. It’s a way to visually showcase their campaign that creates an interest in their product without direct selling.

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Captain America’s Shield