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Why Brand Awareness Is An Always-On Strategy

Set your brand up for success with an effective, always-on awareness strategy


Brand awareness is the process of making your brand known and identifiable by your customer. How else will they know to buy from you if they don’t know who you are? For both acquiring new customers, and retaining current ones, your audience must consistently be made aware of your brand. This increases their ability to associate with your brand, and familiarity means they are more likely to engage with you. The best way to do this is through a brand awareness strategy.


Ultimately brand awareness is about communicating to your customer who you are, your intentions and what your brand does.


“The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, the world will tell you.”

– Carl Jung Swiss Psychiatrist


Don’t let others put a label on your brand make sure YOU do the talking about what your brand is and what your stand for.


Create a brand awareness strategy and show your audience the full potential of your brand’s ability. Let’s get your business known and sought after by your audience and let’s do it TOGETHER.


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Read on and find out why a brand awareness strategy for your business should ALWAYS be ON.


Brand Awareness Boosts Brand Recollection

Customers are more likely to recognise your brand and recall it later after engaging with a brand awareness strategy. This is most effective with a multi-channel marketing strategy. Here you push your brand over many channels, such as direct mail, display advertising and social media, to reach your customer at multiple touchpoints. The intention is to have your brand appear frequently with a memorable creative execution and consistent message. This increases recognition, association, and brand equity as your brand becomes more visible to your customer.


It’s essential to keep your brand consistent across these channels as:


Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%

(Source: Lucidpress)


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Build Trust And Recognition

Your goal with a brand awareness campaign is to also build the credibility of your brand. You can do this by demonstrating your USP and putting customer testimonials in the spotlight to prove the benefits of your product/service.


Building trust in your brand will develop recognition too. If people are positively talking about your brand this naturally will draw new customers to your business.


This is essential to lead to repeat purchases and grow a loyal customer base. By utilising a brand awareness strategy, your business will become better known and trusted by your customer.


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Use Authentic Branding


The best way to develop and win over your customer’s trust is through authentic branding. This should be the forefront of your brand awareness strategy as associating your brand with things that are true to your brand makes your brand appear more honest to your customer.


The content you create and share on your social media channels can also make your customers more aware of your brand’s philosophy and intention.


One thing you should also consider is your brand’s personality. This should be the crux of your brand awareness strategy making your brand more human, relatable, and approachable.


For more about brand personality and archetypes read here.


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What Does Good Brand Awareness Look Like?


Coca-Cola the world-famous soft drink and beverage company has existed for over a century with consistently high sales. Their brand awareness strategy incorporates many touchpoints across digital, mass media, and as shown below, outdoor. They spend $4 billion a year on branding, however, let’s turn our focus a little more local…


If you’re from Sydney you probably know the ‘Coca-Cola Billboard’ in Kings Cross.