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Why Should You Maintain Your Website?

Ongoing website maintenance is essential to keep your digital home performing optimally all year.


Having a monthly maintenance strategy for your website is vital. Even more so if you’ve just had a new site created. Website maintenance is more than updating plug-ins, it’s the constant review of site content, speed optimisation and analysing traffic to ensure your online presence is functioning correctly. If you don’t do this you could be limiting your reach, engagement, and how you guide your customer through your sales funnel.



Website maintenance keeps your site looking fresh and modern, as well as secure!



GDR Media Group is committed to helping brands like yours better reach their audience.

One of our many areas of expertise is web design and website maintenance. We’d love to partner with your business to maximise your brand’s image and functionality online.


Let us show you how


Keep reading for your guide on how to maintain your website:


What is Your SEO Strategy?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the most common form of website maintenance. It involves:


  • Configuring the structure of every web page so that search engines can recognise and index page headings and keywords
  • Embedding structured data so that search engines pull through key information such as FAQs and your list of services
  • A content strategy that authentically and genuinely improves your keyword rankings through, for example, blog posts and new web pages


With an ongoing and in-depth SEO strategy, your business’s website ranking will soar! As a result, more people will see your site through organic search. BUT, as soon as you stop your site will drop…


Implementing an SEO strategy will ensure you provide your audience with useful content too, keeping them coming back for more!


Give us a call now and we’ll see how your brand can utilise SEO to boost your web results


Site Speed Optimisation

Having a fast website is important. Consumers aren’t as patient as they once were!



For 47% of consumers, if a page doesn’t load after 2 seconds, they are extremely likely to log off from your site.
(Source: NeilPatel)


These two seconds of load time are critical to keeping users on your site. Web users are quick to judge and often pressed for time, meaning quick loading speed is necessary.


Fixing the speed of your website can rely on a range of factors such as:

  • Cache settings
  • The size of images on your site
  • If you have videos embedded on web pages
  • Your website hosting package or server that your site is on


Don’t let your website speed be the determining factor that ultimately loses your business a customer!


Contact us today and we’ll conduct a FREE website health check.


Track Your Customer’s Journey

When maintaining your website, you should also be continuously analysing how you are tracking your customer’s journey. This involves regularly checking your Google Analytics and the design/structure of your site.


What does the navigation of your site look like?

Where does your customer begin and where should they end up? How does your customer get from A to B and is it simple?


Map out your customer journey. Particularly if you manage an eCommerce or service-centric website. If there are one too many steps involved to get your customer to purchase or convert, you could be losing them!


Understand the common route taken between a landing page and a goal-specific page such as your checkout, booking function, or contact page.


Through software, such as Crazy Egg, you can track your customers and monitor the path that they take on your website. Maybe your audience’s path isn’t as linear as you think, or maybe users abandon your site when they reach a certain page. Knowing these things can inform your next steps to make your customer’s journey on your website easier.


Whatever it may be, having the ability to TRACK your web users allows for a more INFORMED decision about how your website should be structured and formatted.


Let’s see how we can fast track your customer’s journey

Get in touch today


Refresh Site Content Regularly

Believe it or not, how you present yourself matters to your customer and can make your customer’s journey much smoother. This means ensuring website images and site content is regularly updated. If your brand has changed staff members or location/s this must be communicated through your website.


Your contact page should have the most up-to-date contact numbers, addresses, and email addresses so your customers can best interact with your brand.


Your web copy throughout your site should be relevant and purposeful with a tone of voice that reflects your business.


Your site creativity, including the colours you use, should reflect your brand AND work in a way to make key information stand out for your customer.



Using a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%
(Source: Reboot)


Your business will be more accessible to your customer through a combination of images, text, color, and appropriate information. However, maintaining this and ensuring site content is aesthetically pleasing and practical is an ongoing process.


Looking for guidance on a content refresh for your website?

Let’s get the conversation started



What GDR Can Do For Your Brand

At GDR, our mission is to make marketing meaningful. This doesn’t just apply to making campaigns, but also to website maintenance. Everything we do is with purpose, which is exactly the requirement when developing your website maintenance plan. It’s a careful process with each tactic deliberately planned through a combination of creative innovation and interpreting analytical data to adapt and improve your site.


Keeping your website running smoothly is an ONGOING process that requires care and effort over time.


Working side by side with your business to deliver an informed website maintenance plan we promise to:


  • Constantly optimise your site
  • Investigate an always-on SEO strategy that delivers you tangible results
  • Maintain your website with creative and practical solutions


Let’s do something great!


Before you go why not have a look at what we’ve achieved with our following clients who have taken advantage of our web design service:

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