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A Story Well Told Is A Story Well Sold

The Art of Storytelling coupled with an incredible creative execution WILL see the results of your next marketing campaign soar!


Ancient stories like, fairy tales, have stood the test of time and as a result has influenced how we retain information and engage with discourse. The art of storytelling is THE form of communication that your business should be making use of. 


The London School of Business found that people retain 65 to 70 percent of information shared in a story compared with only 5 to 10 percent communicated through statistics.



“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller”
– Steve Jobs


It’s a well-known fact that we are overwhelmed with information, which has impacted our attention span. So now it is even more challenging and IMPORTANT to cut through the noise with a memorable and meaningful marketing campaign.  


The Art of Storytelling runs in GDR Media Group’s veins and is intrinsic in the DNA of EVERY service we offer.


Combined with our 40 years of experience in direct mail and delivering messages straight into the letterboxes and hands of your customers, we have gained unprecedented insight and instinct when it comes to local area marketing, which allows us to fortify our core offering with carefully curated channels that establish a well-built marketing ecosystem.


Let us tell your story


Successful Storytelling

Successful storytelling is a critical selling skill and can help increase your sales by:

  • Connecting with your customer with a personal and emotional connection
  • Illustrating your business’s unique selling points and credibility
  • Explaining how your product or service works in an easy-to-understand way
  • Influencing your customer’s behaviour


A great marketing solution to tell your story is through video. After all there are MANY reasons Why Your Business Must Do Videos including the fact that 90% of customers buy based on Videos (source: Hubspot).


With an award-winning filmmaker at the helm of GDR Media Group – we can help!


How To Tell Your Story to Connect With Your Customer

To connect with your customer in a deeper and more compelling level there are many storytelling techniques that you can use. Here are a few…


ALWAYS put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
The story your business tells should relate to your customer’s needs.

As we’ve already said, we now have shorter attention spans! So keep your story succinct.

People are more likely to remember your story if they can visualise it.

Use humour and make your next campaign 47% MORE MEMORABLE


A meaningful and memorable marketing campaign WILL engage your customer.


Did you know up to 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do?

Whatever your brand’s story is, there are many ways to communicate it to your audience. Remember your audience or listener is the one receiving your message and they should always be the focus of any campaign. This means choosing the right channel most appropriate for your audience to receive your message.


What does the Art of Storytelling mean to GDR?



For GDR Media Group the Art of Storytelling is tapping into the history of a business to build an identity. Every business has a history and if you’re a new business you can tell that story from the beginning!


The Art of Storytelling is a means of using your creative juices to put your brand in the spotlight. But, ultimately it should naturally circle back to your business’s objectives. To grow your business your messaging should be clear.


Even if you’re producing a campaign to sell a product the Art of Storytelling can be used to give your product its own chapter in your story.


What is your product or service's USP? How was the product created?
How will your customer benefit from using your product?


If your product is already a roaring success – tell that story! What are the awards it has won or the great customer feedback it has received?




How GDR Media Group Will Tell Your Story

Every marketing campaign we deliver is cohesive, consistent and genuinely resonant, ensuring that every marketing dollar is strategically spent, delivering substantial returns for your business.


Our Application

We do this by applying our unique A.M.E formula:



The word AME means soul, lifeblood. Our AME formula is the soul and lifeblood of our agency and is behind every advertising campaign we create.


At GDR Media Group, we AME your advertising!

AME’s power is in its sequence: Audience, Message, Execution.

First we use data and insights to identify, understand and target your desired audience.

Then we use our understanding of the audience to craft a meaningful campaign message using creative emotive storytelling aligned with your campaign objectives.


The final step is the execution, consisting of channel selection across all advertising mediums, from local area marketing to national campaign activation that will best deliver the message to the audience.



Tailored MESSAGE



Our goal always remains the same:

To make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.


GDR Media Group is ready to tell your story!

Get in touch with us today for a FREE marketing workshop to discuss what we can do for your business.


After all…

A Story Well Told IS A Story Well Sold

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