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Letterbox Marketing: Seize the opportunity

We live in an era where everything is ONLINE. 


It’s where we conduct our businesses, do our groceries, and spend countless hours scrolling down our social feeds.


When it comes to marketing, we all know the importance of digital marketing and the carefully crafted, meticulously targeted email marketing campaigns to reach more consumers with less money.


Nowadays, our inboxes are exposed to hundreds of emails per day and that number is on the rise!!  




How many times have you deleted an email without even reading it?


Think of it this way, our inboxes and spams are full of emails and newsletters, most of which we don’t even bother to open.


In a world where we’re digitally congested, this old Australian tradition of letterbox marketing can cut through the digital noise and, ultimately, generate more leads.


In fact, according to The Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), 31% of customers still prefer to receive flyers & leaflets. Who would’ve thought?



Well designed flyers and leaflets can be really engaging. It’s a multi-sensorial experience that can not be achieved digitally. Especially when the printed material is expertly designed, using the correct color combinations and measurements, and reinforced with a strong Call to Action.


Using today’s technology to our advantage, this forgotten goldmine can be enhanced to the point where leaflets and flyers can never go unnoticed.


At GDR Media Group, we don’t take letterbox marketing lightly. 


We understand that letterbox marketing achieves a higher level of exposure for a longer period.


The average person will delete his or her email if it no longer serves a purpose, while they tend to keep their leaflet hanging on the fridge or sitting in a drawer. Every time they go in the kitchen or open that drawer, there’s a chance they’re going to see that leaflet and take action.


Additionally, we can’t ignore the fact that most people don’t trust the information they read online.


Research shows that 74% of people globally worry that there's a lot of fake news and false information online (The 2020 Trust Barometer), which paves the way for letterbox marketing to be a trusted source of information.



Therefore, printed copy is perceived to be far more trusted than receiving the same information online.


This is a sign for every business and every company to exploit the power of letterbox marketing to their advantage.


Letterbox CAN NOT replace digital marketing


That’s something we completely understand! Realistically speaking, nothing can actually replace the power of digital marketing, social media, emails, etc… But leaflet marketing can help any business reach a bigger target, those who use the internet and the older generations who may struggle with technology.


Therefore, we are not suggesting to drop your digital strategy completely, 
but instead integrated letterbox marketing within your overall strategy to reap the benefits of both online and offline channels.


With over 40 years of experience, GDR Media Group knows all the ins and outs of letter distribution,

all the secrets that create a profitable letterbox distribution campaign.


As experts in this field, believe us when we tell you that letterbox distribution today is even more

effective than ever.


Seize the opportunity TODAY!