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Top 6 Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2022

2021 disrupted the market, exposed weaknesses, and left us rushing for new and innovative solutions; queue the birth of new marketing strategies and all the trends entailed. 


How is the 2022 marketing landscape looking? What are the trends awaiting us in the upcoming year?


Digital marketing has been trying to sideline traditional marketing for years, and now it may have just succeeded. According to Forbes, 2020 witnessed a growth of 8% in digital media, whereas traditional media declined by 18%



Following these numbers, you must be thinking that most of the marketing trends in 2022 are going to be digitally centred, and you are absolutely right! 


Marketing Trends 2022


1- Virtual Events 


The pandemic forced us to take all our events online, which customers have enjoyed greatly. And now there’s no coming back! 


Online events such as webinars, product launches and workshops are a great investment for brands looking to engage consumers, and they are considerably cheaper than live events. 


Not to mention the amount of data you can gather to build a consumer base and grow your audience. 


2- The Death of Cookies


Google announced that they are going to end cookie tracking in early 2022, replacing it with a more private alternative. 


It’s bad news for marketers, prompting a quick and drastic change in strategies for brands that rely heavily on the data gathered through this third party. 


Our proposed solution, BOOST YOUR CRM TOOLS. The data you gather here will prove to be very useful once cookie tracking is no longer available. 


3- The Rise of the AI 


Automation is the future of marketing! From chatbots to data collection, Artificial Intelligence will save you time, money and reduce human error. 


Utilizing AI to your advantage means implementing it in customer service for fast and reliable responses. It also helps in data curation, accurate analysis, and countless other opportunities. 


4- Out with the Funnel, in with the Flywheel 


As marketers, we’ve grown to love and depend on the marketing funnel model. So, why is it being replaced by the FLYWHEEL



The marketing funnel is centred around getting one-time customers instead of repeat ones, while the Flywheel is a 360° approach based on more engagement and re-targeting old consumers, it also helps customers become brand advocates themselves. 


5- The power of Micro-influencers 


Influencer marketing has been a reliable part of our marketing strategies for a long time now. 2022 won’t end influencer marketing, au contraire, experts predict that the usage of influencer marketing will reach 72.5% in the coming year


However, brands are starting to realize that macro-influencers are pricey, and consumers are seeing them as “advertisers” instead of a reputable source of information. That’s why trends are shifting more towards micro-influencers with their small but loyal follower base. 


6- Content continues to be KING 


Consumers are growing smarter daily, and that’s expected. If you’re still “selling to your consumers” please STOP. It’s time you re-direct your efforts towards educating and guiding your consumers by providing information that helps them make the right decision. 


Give them an experience they can not forget, ask them questions, tell them your story, make them part of your brand, your community rather than pushing them to buy your product.  


Click here for more information about content marketing. 


In a nutshell, 2022 is arriving with some fundamental changes in the way we do marketing. Keep in mind to always experiment, measure, and adapt. 


Are you preparing your 2022 marketing strategy?


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