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7 Festive Marketing Ideas

December is fast approaching; red and green are taking over the retail windows, social media is full of holiday cheer and marketers are searching for new and innovative ways to advertise for Christmas. 


The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to create a deep connection with your clients and involve them in your story. Leverage the power of the festive season to gain a marketing advantage, show your loyal clients that you care, and attract new ones with some spectacular branding. 



Here are 7 enticing Christmas marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


1- Get Creative with Seasonal Ads


Festive Google shopping ads, cheerful Google Ads, entertaining display ads are a great medium to spread the word about your products and services for holiday shoppers around you. Using carefully chosen keywords and creative designs alongside location targeting, you can reach your consumers at home. 



Don’t forget to use attractive visuals, highlight special seasonal discounts, and create a sense of urgency in your copy: “Get 20% off your order before Nov 20!” or “Benefit now before it’s too late!” 



2- Use Social Media to Your Advantage 


During the holidays, people are always on social media, sharing family pictures or holiday decorations. Why not hop on the trend? Get fun and quirky with your designs, use festive elements, and play with the holiday lingo. 


To stand out, you can personalize your content by taking pictures of your team members in Santa hats or your office dog in front of a Christmas tree. 


You can also read our guide on How To Implement An Effective Social Media Strategy



3- Holiday Giveaways


Speaking of social media, one way to grow your following and get people to enjoy your content is to create some awesome holiday giveaway contests. According to small business trends, contests have a conversion rate of 34%, which is higher than other content types.


Run your campaign across all the major platforms your business uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Offer a free voucher, a free delivery, a discount on their next purchase or a completely free gift. The best way to run a holiday giveaway is to ask your followers to comment, share and like your post, which will increase the engagement on your account and introduce your business to a bunch of new people. 



4- Give your Shoppers a Christmas Gift


Who doesn’t like free stuff? With all that spending during the holiday season, people tend to enjoy the small gifts they receive themselves. Set up a free wrapping station at your shop, offer free delivery on your website, give a small gift with every purchase they make. 


A small gesture can go a long way, it can be the reason shoppers choose you instead of your competitors. Offering free things is one of the most successful tactics to transform leads into customers. 



5- Talk to the heart 


Christmas is all about family, cookies, Santa Claus, and beautiful decorations… The last thing people need is to hear (or read) someone talking business to them when they most certainly prefer a good story. 


Video content is major around the holidays; use it! You can tell an emotional story about family and loved ones or send your holiday message across using smart and wacky videos. 


The Art of Storytelling runs in GDR Media Group’s veins, check out how A Story Well Told is A Story Well Sold 

6- Host Christmas-inspired Webinars 


With all the lockdowns and people staying at home, we got used to Zoom calls and virtual events. It’s the perfect opportunity to host some webinars, provide your customers with valuable information, and promote your products, they’re low budget too. 


Offer workshops or tutorials related to the products or services you sell. A flower shop can have an arrangement class, a toy store can hold gift wrapping workshops, a restaurant or a bakery can teach easy-to-make recipes at home for the holiday dinner.



7- Festive Letterbox drops 


With over 40 years of experience, at GDR Media Group, we know the importance and benefits of using flyer distribution, brochures, catalogues, or any other letterbox drop to attract customers to your shop or e-shop. 


While all our emails are cluttered with thousands of Christmas promotions around this time of year, a flyer adds a personalized touch to your advertising campaign that many Australians will appreciate. 


It won’t be sent to spam, it won’t get neglected in the inbox, and most importantly research shows that 58% of consumers are more likely to buy something after they receive a flyer in their letterbox. (Australia Post Report). 


You can also give your letterbox campaign a nudge with email marketing to achieve the best results, We’ve got all the info you need here: Direct Mail Vs. Digital Mail



Spread that Christmas Cheer!  


With all your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns, REMEMBER to spread the Christmas cheer! That’s the most memorable thing any brand can do. People can forget promotions, social media posts, witty taglines, but you never forget something that made you laugh or cry tears of joy. 


Need some help setting up your Christmas campaign? Contact us!