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The Importance of Brand Positioning

How important is positioning to your brand?


Today’s choices are endless. The customer is presented with a plethora of options, in the supermarket aisle, in the tech shop, at a car dealership. If your competitors are offering products or services similar to yours, you must differentiate yourself in order to be profitable. 



The purpose of a Positioning Statement is to communicate how your brand differs from the competition. Your goal is to represent yourself as a positive brand and highlight your advantages to convince your consumers that what you are offering can satisfy their needs. 


Why is brand positioning important?


Positioning gives your brand an identity. An identity that the customer can relate to and benefit from. It tells your audience what you stand for and encourages loyalty. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers stay loyal to a brand because they share the same values. 



Brand positioning should be part of the marketing strategy of every brand, it’s a statement that summarizes how the consumer perceives your brand. It sets the tone for your marketing strategy and your branding. For example, if your products are more affordable than similar products in the market, your brand statement should imply your price advantage. If you want your product to be perceived as cool and trendy, the statement you craft should explain how your product can make your consumers feel hip and fun.  


Do you want help with your positioning? Schedule a meeting with our experts. 


Benefits of Brand Positioning 


Your brand positioning strategy will shape consumer preference, it will help you connect with your consumers’ emotions and stand out in the crowd. A clear brand positioning understands what your consumer wants and identifies your capabilities to satisfy those needs. It also lays down the foundation of all your communications, to effectively reach your target audience. 


Here are 5 reasons why brand positioning is important: 


1-  Copywriting, messaging and storytelling with a clear purpose 


Are you telling the right stories? Does your brand voice reach your target audience? Do your consumers understand what you’re saying? The only way to answer all these questions is through a clear brand positioning statement. It will make help you connect with your customers, tell the right stories based on their values, and select the most appropriate keywords.  


Learn more about storytelling here



2- Develop a visual identity  


Have you ever seen a picture or a packaging without a logo, without a copy, and instantly realized what brand it is? That’s the work built on brand positioning. By identifying the colors that your target audience mostly relates to, you can focus on those colors and build a logo. 


Your visuals should also tell a story, they should always have the same flow and the same vibe, to avoid giving people mixed feelings. 



3- Stand from the crowd & break through the noise 


Marketing messages and advertising are all around us, you need to cut through the clutter to reach your target audience. A clear brand position will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and deliver an experience that no one else is delivering to resolve an unmet need. 



4- Value over Pricing 


Whether you’re selling luxurious service or an item people use on regular basis, your brand positioning helps you articulate your value to the people. Your pricing strategy is then based on the value you offer instead of the cost of production. That is the reason behind why a purse can cost up to 50,000$ while another one only costs 100$. People prefer to buy things that make them feel good and add value to their lives, and they avoid brands that lack a clear positioning and are unsure of their positioning in the market. 



5- Buying from your brand becomes an easy decision 


We live in a fast-paced world, consumers want everything easy and they want it now. They don’t want to spend 30 minutes on every aisle deciding which brand of pasta they want; instead, they’re looking for a brand they can trust. You want them to choose your brand without going through a lengthy decision process but by playing on their emotions, no matter what the product or the service you are selling.  



Let’s Talk About Brand Positioning


Our goal at GDR is to make marketing more meaningful. Everything we do has a purpose, which is precisely what is required when developing a successful brand positioning strategy.


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