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Daizy Gedeon Returns to Lebanon For Much Anticipated Sequel

Daizy Gedeon returns to Lebanon for production of her next film


Following the success of her documentary Lebanon… Imprisoned Splendour (1996), Daizy Gedeon, CEO, Managing & Creative Director of GDR Media Group has returned to Lebanon to witness the changes that have occurred in the country’s political and social landscapes over the last 20 years.


Daizy is joined by her Dream Creations International crew to document her travels and encounters as she creates a sequel to her acclaimed documentary.



Along the way, Daizy is meeting with many influential members of Lebanese culture and government, along with hundreds of Lebanese citizens, to discuss the affairs of their country.


Daizy has already met with political figures such as Gebran Bassil, the Lebanese Minister for Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, and Salim Jreissati, the Lebanese Minister for Justice. She has encountered Former Lebanese President Amine Gemayel, and revisited Commander in Chief of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea, 20 years since their last interview.


Daizy has discussed the importance of art and culture to Lebanon’s prosperity with artists Louma Rabah, Ayad Nasser and Victoria Latysheva, and met with fashion designer Elie Saab, whose highly praised dress was worn by Halle Berry in 2002 as she won her Academy Award for Best Actress.


Daizy has camped in the hills of Koura and has gone quad bike riding among the grand cedars of North Lebanon. She has explored the beautiful architecture of Kousba and its old cobblestone streets, and visited the mountains and nature reserve of Hadth El Joubbeh.


Daizy’s journey is aimed at showcasing the stark contrast of Lebanon living – from the beautiful, colourful carefree living of coastal Beirut to the sad and squalid existence of refugees living on the Syrian border. Daizy wants to highlight the real story, the real issues and share her findings with the world.


Daizy is documenting her travels, interviews and her discoveries on her Public Figure Facebook page to ensure her widespread audience remains up to date with her movements the people she meets and the things she learns about her birth country.


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