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Why Video Must Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing content is taking the world by storm, owning the majority share of people’s attention when browsing content online.


It’s also the medium which demands the most engagement from audiences; the rise in popularity of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video and Snapchat is a testament to this fact.

Your business’ marketing strategy is all about communicating your messages to your target customer, and if video’s results are surpassing that of other forms, then it’s time to make video an essential part of your brand marketing strategy.


All about video content

Changing customer behaviour always has a significant impact on marketing and the types of activities that produce the best results. Over recent years, attention spans have become shorter and people are now looking for more interactive and visual content. As a result, there has been a surge in the popularity of video content as a way brands are communicating with their key audiences.

Very quickly, video is exponentially growing to become the dominant way people are engaging with content and spending their time online. A considerable proportion of people are now watching videos online each and every day, which means that if your business wants their attention, you need your own video content strategy.

So if you haven’t already made video a significant part of your brand’s marketing strategy for both your website and social media, then now is the time!


Video content and your marketing strategy

Knowing that the demand for interesting videos is on the rise with all audiences, it’s no surprise that its use in content marketing is definitely increasing – and given that YouTube is now the second most used search engine on the web, beaten only by Google, shows that this trend shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, while your customers are at the ready with their mouses poised on the play button, many organisations are still seeing video as a marketing strategy afterthought (a nice to have), rather than something that should be front and centre in their marketing activity/strategy. After all, if your customer interacts with video content (positively) and you don’t deliver, they’ll go to a competitor who does.


10 advantages of a video marketing strategy


Here are the top ten reasons why video content is highly effective and delivers excellent results which can impact your business’ bottom line.


(1) More Audience Engagement

We’ve all heard that a picture says a thousand words, well video takes this to another level. Video speaks volumes very quickly and is effective in engaging your audience’s attention, as it snares both the visual and auditory senses. In fact, it has been shown that audiences are several times more likely to interact with video content over other types of media strategy.


(2) Measurable Results

Given that audiences have to interact with the video player by pressing play, adjusting volume, pausing etc, all of these behaviours can be tracked very easily, allowing the effectiveness of each video to be measured live.

So, while photos and written content can be read and seen in a passive way by people simply scrolling around, video offers a far more accurate way of determining how your customer is interacting with your content strategy.


(3) It’s Innovative and Fresh

Email and CRM (customer relationship management) automation is an excellent way to nurture the customers on your database, however because people have been spammed by email for years, they are far more selective about what they open. This is where a video strategy comes in – for example emails with video embedded are likely to have more than double the open rates than content only emails..

(4) Deeper Emotional Response

Communicating messages that connect with people on an emotional level is a highly effective way to spur a favourable response. As mentioned above, video engages both the eyes and ears, which offers people a far more layered experience, with elements like tone of voice, music, effects, facial expressions, sounds, and so on. Evoking emotion like this is a proven way of subtly enforcing a brands call to action.


(5) Approachability

Due to the quick and effective nature of video, customers are much more likely to watch videos over other forms of content, greatly increasing the amount of views received compared to other forms of media.


(6) Ease of Creation

Even until relevantly recently, creating an effective video strategy could take months, require expensive equipment and was typically expensive. However, things have completely changed. Movie software and hardware is easily accessible and affordable, meaning that creating video is just as easy as a regular blog post.


(7) Retention Rates

Most viewers watch more than half of a video, and by that time, most of your message will have been delivered. Whereas with text, most readers scroll forward, skip sections or leave quickly, diluting effectiveness.


(8) Technology

With the improvement in digital technology focusing on creating and watching video, most of the modern applications, devices and platforms accommodate video better than other forms of media.


(9) Demands More Attention

Video has been proven to capture and hold more of the customer’s limited attention than any other medium, and in an environment where people are suffering from content overload, Video as a marketing strategy gives you the best opportunity to effectively engage your audience.


(10) Improved SEO Ranking

Serving relevant and popular video content has the same positive effect on your Google page ranking than other forms of content, and with video engaging your audience much more effectively than other media, it’s bound to draw in more traffic to your website.


Why should my business use a video marketing strategy?

The above ten reasons demonstrate the advantages video has over other mediums in your communication tool-box, however should you use video as part of your overall marketing strategy?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. It’s worth it, not because other organisations are doing it (and they are), but because video is quickly shaping up to be the most versatile and effective marketing tool around at the moment.


Here are ten marketing related reasons as to why you simply must have video as a major part of your business’ marketing activity.


(1) Video Marketing Improves Sales and Conversions

Studies are showing that placing video on your landing / homepage increases conversion rates significantly, as customers who are looking for content have their search engine enquiry answered immediately, in a highly relatable form.


(2) Video Produces Great ROI

It goes without saying that with higher conversion rates your Return On Investment is also likely to be much higher when you use video as part of your marketing strategy.


(3) Building Trust with Your Target Customers


Today, people are highly ‘advertiser savvy’ which means that they need to trust your organisation before they pay attention to your advertising messages.

Content marketing naturally lends itself to this goal, because you are offering them value and insight, over straight selling. But then video takes content marketing strategies to another level, with better emotional engagement. Video builds trust because the content can be more relaxed and conversational, it can show testimonials or even other consumers using the product, which creates a sense of relatability that other forms just can’t match.


(4) Mobile and Video – a Compatible Pair

There’s no denying that mobile browsing will quickly overtake desktop access, and with more of your customers using their mobiles to view online content, video is a great way to reach customers when they’re online and on the move.

Video can be watched or just listened to on the go, which lends itself to the mood people are in when browsing on their phones. This means that, as smartphone use continues to grow, so will the demand for video content.


(5) Video Marketing Explains Your Products More Effectively

Half of your marketing strategy aims to educate your customers, whether you are launching a new product, or describing the benefits. Video is a great way to get this kind of message across without taking up significant amounts of time or effort on the part of your audience.

People are very accustomed to searching for ‘how to’ videos, which means educational messages are second nature. For example, animated videos are highly effective in explaining things to your customers because they are entertaining, amusing and nostalgic.


(6) Reach all Kinds of Customers

Video as a marketing strategy is a very versatile medium, which means that it can connect with so many demographics, from the early rising active gym junkie, to the couch potato; everyone loves video. In other words, not everyone has the patience to read text or listen to audio, but all types are more inclined to click play on a video.


(7) Video and Your Search Engine Ranking

The mechanics of video lends itself to improving your SEO ranking because Google boosts your website when people stay longer to watch your content. That in itself is a compelling reason, but what are the impacts on your marketing strategy?

Well, a strong SEO ranking on Google means that more people are being shown your website, which furthers your organic reach and spreads your marketing message further.


(8) Video and Social Media

Social media use is still continuing to grow at an exponential rate, and video is proving the most popular for content on virtually all social media platforms. So, producing and releasing video content as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to get more people to watch and share your message in their social media circles, thus extending your reach (for free!)


(9) Click Through Rates (CTR)

The CTR of videos is several times higher than most other digital advertising formats, including website banners, as people find video content more absorbing, in turn encouraging more favourable action by your audience.


(10) Video Marketing Content Is Memorable

Your marketing messages have the most impact when your call to action resonates well with the intended audience. Videos tend to be more memorable for people due to there moving content and intriguing format, meaning your branding has a longer lasting influence.


It’s Time to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy


Due to the popularity of video, audiences are sharing video content all across the globe, and because it’s far more affordable, businesses of all sizes are getting involved!


The benefits of video content are powerful and effective, which means that video is no longer just a ‘nice to have’, but must be an essential part of your marketing strategy.


However, just like all content, videos must be interesting, offer value, be relevant and ultimately engaging for your audience. If you successfully achieve all of these elements, then it’s possible to see phenomenal results very cost-effectively.


So, it’s time for your business to get involved and be creative in the video space.


How can GDR help?


At GDR, we understand that organisations and businesses like yours see the importance of video marketing, but often need some help.

We specialise in videography, film editing and shooting, and have the latest technology and all the facilities needed to produce engaging video content for your business.


We’ve developed a range of video marketing products and packages to suit your budget which enable you to:

  • Increase customer reach
  • Provide engaging material to your audience
  • Decrease time and cost of video creation
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Drive sales


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