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How Using Corporate Video Will Help You Sell More

It’s been a well-known fact for a while now that the use of video to market products and services (especially on corporate websites and across social media) is on the rise. More and more businesses are creating corporate video ads, brand stories and exciting video content for their customer audiences.


If your business is not already on the video bandwagon, you should be! HubSpot reports that 43% of consumers want more video content from marketing teams, and 51.9% of marketing professionals classify video as the best type of content for ROI.

HubSpot also report that branded video content is the most memorable content for consumers. Corporate video is an imperative tool in reaching and effectively engaging with your audience with fresh, interesting, and engaging content. As more and more advertising content is pushed online, consumers are being increasingly more selective with what they engage with. Video is a great cut-through tool.




When consumers are engaged and captivated, the sell becomes much easier. Think about it: are you more likely to buy from a company you haven’t seen or heard from, or from a company from which you have seen engaging video content?

For video to lead to sales, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a straight advert. Here are three of our favourite ways to use corporate video to help you sell more!




Everyone remembers a great story. People may forget what was said and done, but will remember how you made them feel. It’s why we like to buy from brands we trust. 

Corporate videos are a great way of building trust for your business by connecting with your target audience. Well-produced brand story videos are powerful tools for telling audiences about your brand and engaging consumers’ emotions on a personal level, without ever interacting with them face-to-face.

Brand story videos can be showcased on the home page of your website, and throughout your social media channels. Fostering trust through this type of video means consumers already feel some sort of connection to your business before they even contact you! Without even knowing it, most customers will often be more inclined to buy from a company whose brand story has been showcased in a video.

Not convinced? Just check out our new brand story video and let us know what you think!




In 2018, video is integral to an effective social media strategy. Over 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day, and this number is expected to grow even further.


Video is the most engaging format of content on social media, garnering the most reach and engagement among all other post types. Effective social media videos stand out in news feeds, quickly grabbing attention with a strong message and pulling audiences to your social profiles. This leads to an increased following on your social media, which in turn will bring more attention to your business and to your products or services.





Instead of selling a product or service using a traditional format such as a print advert why not create a demo video that can be showcased instead? 4 in 5 consumers have indicated that seeing how a product or service works is important in making a decision to buy.

Showing your product in action means that consumers are reassured as to the quality of what they are going to buy. These videos give more of an insight into the goods you are delivering, and act as a testimonial to the product’s performance. Demo videos are definitely worth a try!




Everyone knows that corporate video is incredibly important for a business marketing strategy, but not everyone has the skills at hand to make one. GDR Group knows how to create compelling, engaging and high quality videos to promote your business and sell your product or service. Just check out our showcase to see some of the videos we have made for our clients in the past!

We can create a tailor-made corporate video to suit your marketing strategy, that will:

  • Engage audiences with a creative and compelling brand story and message
  • Increase reach, traffic, and engagement
  • Track analytics and return on investment



We would love to help!

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