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7 Ways To Build A Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategy

7 effective ways to build a successful real estate marketing strategy


Real Estate is a highly competitive industry, and sometimes it can be difficult for agencies to create a strong brand and stand out. From social media to traditional print media, there are countless marketing channels and strategies available to choose from, often making it difficult to know which to do, when, and why. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of our favourite marketing approaches that will help you build a strong Real Estate brand in your local market, increase your reach and boost listings!


Get online and mobile


With so many people online (via mobile, tablet and desktop) it’s more important than ever to have a strong digital presence if you want your Real Estate brand to be noticed online. Ensuring your website is visually compelling, functional, and responsive will not only improve your findability, but also boost your lead enquiries.


High quality photography – ALWAYS!


It’s a given these days but if you want your brand to stand out in Real Estate you need to ensure that you have A-Grade professional photographers on hand so you’re able to showcase your vendor’s homes in a way that not only attracts the right buyer, but also helps differentiate you from your competitors.

Interior and exterior photos are crucial in all advertising components for a listing, including print and digital marketing channels. The photography needs to be inventive and exciting to capture the attention of potential buyers. A professionally cleaned and staged home that has had high quality photography taken is far more likely to attract the perfect seller so make sure you have photography guidelines in place that help support your wider brand strategy and style.  This approach really helps to ensure that all your listings look like they belong to your brand (regardless of who is taking the pictures!).


Use video


Incorporating well-produced video into your marketing mix is a great way to set your agency apart from competitors. There are several exciting ways that video can be used to help sell homes, including aerial drone shots or 360-degree interior walk-throughs. In terms of broader agency marketing, you can present video blogs on industry happenings or recordings of live auctions to present some extra, exciting content for your target audiences.


Build a community


People don’t just want to be sold to. Building a community and focusing on your customers’ needs is a great way to create a strong brand and help encourage people to trust you with their most important asset – their home. Building a community could involve a whole range of on and offline activity, from running a quarterly catch up event to giving community participants a free market report or exclusive access to new products and services. Asking participants for their views or opinions online on locally based issues that affect Real Estate and homes is also a great way to build engagement.

Building and engaging a community will also give you a great foundation to launch and implement a referral program from – one, if not the best form of marketing you could possibly get.



Utilise social media


Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for marketing of all kinds, and is a game-changer in Real Estate marketing. Posting listings on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can greatly increase their reach and improve your chances of finding a buyer! Additionally, establishing your brand name across social media and building an engaged community and narrative with your audience that reflects your brand and its personality can really set you apart from your competitors and increase your sales. Make sure you devote enough time though to regular posting to ensure that your content is kept fresh, relevant and engaging!


Raise the profiles of your agents


In an industry where brand differentiation can be difficult to achieve, having agents with strong profiles in the local community is a great way to add a layer of personalisation that builds trust and helps secure both appraisals and listings. Agent led marketing could be as simple as developing staff profiles to setting up a Facebook page to help demonstrate an agents understanding and involvement in a local community – to recording a detailed series of Real Estate Agent Profile videos, which gives audiences a greater insight into the personal story of your agents, and why you should be chosen ahead of your competitors.


Flyer distribution


Flyer distribution is still an incredibly strong form of direct marketing, especially in Real Estate. Showcasing your open listings, upcoming auctions and just sold successes in a compelling and well-designed flyer can greatly increase your chances of making a sale and capturing potential new clients – as well as increasing the reach and recognition of your brand in a particular area. Focus on distribution in the areas local to your business and the homes you are selling, and you’ll remain front of mind with local residents.


How can GDR help?


Whether you want to get better ROI on your marketing spend, or need help building your brand in the communities you operate in, the experienced team at GDR Group are here to help.

GDR has worked with Real Estate agencies across Australia, and can deliver a Real Estate marketing strategy for your agency which will:

  • Increase your reach to audiences who are looking to buy (both on and offline)
  • Raise the profiles of your agents
  • Build consumer trust in your brand/business
  • Optimise and track return on investment.


We’d love to help!

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