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Upgrade Your Social Media Game In 7 Easy Steps

Upgrade your social media game


Go beyond creating a business profile on Twitter and Facebook and unlock its full potential. Discover how to maximise opportunities across your social channels and upgrade your social media game in 7 easy steps.


1. Create a Social Media Strategy

A strategy should define how your brand or company will use its social media platforms to achieve set goals. These can include Increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, generating sales and leads, boosting brand engagement, building a community, connecting with customers, and increasing social customer service. Equally, you can’t build a social media strategy if you don’t know your market or who you’re marketing to! Carry out competitor research and get to know your customers.


2. Plan Ahead

Get organised! Plan your marketing in advance by creating a content plan. Look into the different types of content you could be posting, written and visual (blogs, reports, videos, etc.) and evaluate what’s already working for your brand. Take a look at what your competitors are doing for some inspiration. Try to vary the type of content you would like to post each day and keep it relevant, you want your feed to be interesting to grow your following and keep your followers engaged. It’s also important to alter your approach per platform, photographs don’t necessarily need to change, however writing the same copy for every network won’t get you the best results, as your LinkedIn followers for example may not be the same as the ones on Facebook.


3. Create Your Own Content

Design engaging content that doesn’t get outdated quickly. Need help writing a blog? You can find a number of helpful templates and ‘How To’ guides online! Limited on time to create new content? Why not try repurposing or updating your best existing content. Turn your blog post into an infographic, your infographic into a whitepaper, your whitepaper into a video, and so on.


4. Make it Easy to Click and Share

Remember, marketing is a journey, not a destination. Once you’ve written content, make sure your website is optimised with social sharing links to encourage your readers to share easily. Create social media posts that stand out in a feed by including photos or gifs, don’t forget to add hashtags to increase reach, and links to your content to get traffic onto your site.


5. Target Your Audience

Creating targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is incredibly simple. Select from a number of segmentation options to pinpoint your target market by demographic, interests, job titles, or behaviour, then set your total and daily budget, the duration of the campaign, and watch your audience grow. Promoted posts can be set to achieve specific goals such as raising brand awareness, engagement, website clicks and conversion, increase number of followers, and more. Give it a go from as little as $5-$10 a day. Once you’re got that mastered, try your hand at paid search and remarketing tactics.


6. Review The Stats

Now that you’ve got a strategy, planned content and created posts, shared and promoted them to your target audience, you should now review the success of your ads to compare with your objectives and make updates for future campaigns. Ads will have an ‘Insights’ or ‘Analytics’ section where you can view total impressions, engagement rates, clickthroughs, and the number of new followers. Analysing your campaigns will not only show you how your social media campaign is performing, but will also help you understand your audience, identify what your best social platforms are, and will help you create better content and a better strategies going forward.


7. Maintain Your Momentum

You’ve made it this far, so don’t stop now! This is only the beginning – momentum and consistency is the key to success. Keep revising your strategy, creating and implementing your monthly content plans, and you’ll soon accomplish your goals.


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