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GDR Media Group are excited to launch the new season of Mellow Yellow starting in October 2020. You will have an absolutely amazing time on the journey, as you discover the eastern seaboard of Australia – from Western Australia to the far south of NSW, right up to the beautiful far north of Queensland. This season of Yellow Pages distribution work kicks off in October 2020 and extends right through to June 2021.

Team spots are limited and

we are starting to recruit NOW!

We are now inviting backpackers, community groups and individuals to register for this exciting project. The project enables you to work part-time, earn lots of money and travel at the same time. So if you are fit, hungry and reliable, GDR have already started to build their teams for this year’s Yellow Pages distribution work.

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Here’s what some of this year’s seasoned backpackers, community groups & teams have said about their remarkable experiences travelling around this amazing country delivering the telephone books:

We’re excited that you have expressed an interest in White Pages and Yellow Pages distribution work!

Please complete and submit your application online today.


Call the team during Sydney office hours (9am-5pm) on 1800 657 797 or email: [email protected]

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