Television advertising has the power to reach the masses and tell your story on a trusted platform.

Over 13 million Australians tune into commercial free-to-air television every day, reaching 92% of the population every month (source: Free TV). 


What are the benefits of using this service?

TV advertising can help you reach larger audiences in a targeted fashion, in a way that consumers know and trust.


With more and more people streaming content online television advertising now also encompasses adverts on playback TV.


You will have a captive audience that puts your product in the spotlight. This contrasts with other advertising where the real estate is much smaller. Think about a 200px x 200px online advert compared with your story being seen on a 40-inch television screen or bigger!


The ROI on using TV can be as strong as 300 – 500% (Source: Chron) with Australian’s ThinkTV claiming that:

“TV returns average sales of $1.70 for every dollar invested in the FMCG category. The return is even greater for automotive which delivers $8.90 while finance sees an ROI of $5.30.”


How GDR will work with you:

As with all the services we offer we will only suggest this channel if it will benefit your brand. We will leverage our relationships with networks such as NINE to target your audience on the channel and at the time that will deliver the best results for your campaign.




Not got a TVC? No worries, with our video production services we can create your next ad from ideation through to filming and editing.

Did we mention our CEO, Daizy Gedeon, is also an award-winning film maker?

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