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LMAO: Laughing My Ad Off – Incorporating Humour in Marketing



Let’s talk about jokes. They’re funny, initiate conversations, and AGAIN, they’re funny! Humour is fundamental for us human beings, and for some, it’s a way of life. 


Some brands have also been using humor to improve their marketing and boost their campaigns which, most of the time, has shown to be very effective. Consumers prefer advertisements that make them laugh; more than half (53%) say they remember and enjoy an advertisement if it is humorous, according to a report published by Clutch. 



If you like a good sense of humor and want to learn how to use it as a marketing and advertising strategy, you’ve come to the right place!


Let’s discuss that, shall we?


What’s the upside of humour in marketing?


The ingenuity of jokes, puns, or whatever type of humour used, creates a unique colour for the brand. According to Ali,

Kapoor, and Moorthy, 24% of prime-time advertisements use humour, as well as 35% of radio ads. 



If you want to make sure that your brand stands out and grabs the consumer’s attention, don’t take yourself too seriously. Try to come up with something disruptive, shocking, and unexpected to create a memorable, humouristic experience. 


For instance, coming up with something grammatically incorrect should get people talkin’




Lastly, humour in marketing humanizes the brand and personalizes the relationship between you and the consumers, particularly humour that your target demographic can understand and relate to.


Now to the biggest, most important question: HOW?


How can you use jokes in your marketing?

There are many aspects you should consider when you want to incorporate humour in ads:


1- Know your audience: DON’T make the mistake of using the wrong joke. It’s very important to remember that not everyone will get your joke. You should know who your audience is; what they like, what they don’t, and how they think. For example, if you’re selling swim diapers, your audience will surely relate to a joke about toddlers peeing in the pool.


2- Understand your brand: Another important thing to remember is that jokes don’t fit everywhere! Sometimes, using the wrong joke could result in backlash. Therefore, you should have a deep understanding of your brand and what it offers if you want to use jokes in your advertisements. 


Take a look at this ad; it’s a funeral home trying to promote its services. To do so, the company used dark humour: “TEXT AND DRIVE”, which might’ve sounded offensive and disturbing to some people. 



3-  Break expectations: After fully understanding your audience’s wants and needs, it’s time to break the ice.  Brands are everywhere nowadays; we remember only those with a unique brand personality. Reach out to your customers in a way that breaks the ordinary communication presumptions. As we’ve already said before, try thinking outside the box and don’t take yourself too seriously.


4- Use hashtags wisely: Hashtags are a great way to utilize humour in marketing; they become viral and can reach hundreds of people, be it your target audience or not. However, hashtags are tricky and can often be misused, which can lead to an EPIC FAIL. To prevent that, always be 100% certain that the hashtags you’re using are related to the content you’re posting. 

Nevertheless, humour is a great way to interact with your target audience, humanise your brand, and boost your marketing. However, jokes are not all fun. If used badly, they’re most likely to cause you harm. You might sound unprofessional if you joke at a bad time, some jokes can belittle your ideas, and some can even be offensive to people. 

Here are some brands that used humour in their marketing. 


Pepsi Vs. Coca-Cola






To wrap it up, humour is one of many effective marketing tactics you can utilize in your campaigns. It has many upsides and can be very beneficial when used correctly; like building a communication channel with your audience, increasing engagement, and evoking emotions. But beware of the don’ts we have listed above, and the possible threats of using humour. And remember to use it moderately and not overdo it. Just like they say “less is always more”.


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