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The Hunt Is Over – Easter Marketing Discount Offer

Easter marketing discount offer


Holiday marketing campaigns, for periods such as Easter are fantastic for connecting to your customers’ emotions, by providing specialised, limited time offers. Using timely and relevant references to special occasions in your marketing efforts (also known as seasonal or event-based marketing) engages your audiences’ emotions more greatly than any other marketing!


Whatever business you’re in, Easter is a great time to engage with and win new customers. At GDR Media Group we’re eggsperts (get it?) at combining passionate storytelling with local area marketing know-how to unleash your business’s growth potential. Our locally based experts provide a complete one-stop marketing service, from web development to graphic design and printing to letterbox distribution, all designed to quickly and effectively drive your sales up, up, up!


To help you get started with your Easter marketing campaign, we’re offering $500 off your next marketing campaign with GDR Media Group! Start connecting with your local customers today through a specialised seasonal marketing campaign, delivered by one of our locally based experts.


To claim your $500 off Easter marketing discount voucher that you can apply to any of our services (see below), visit


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