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A Story of Gold: Golden Quarter Edition

Embrace yourselves as the festive season is right around the corner!


How to tell your story during the “Golden Quarter”?


During this time of year, consumers feel very nostalgic; they remember family, friendship, and childhood memories. That’s why nostalgia should be the focus of your story for the holidays. Make it relatable to the memories and emotions of your target audience.

For example, check out this emotional Christmas commercial.

We’re not crying, you are!


Psychology is an essential part of the "Golden Quarter," it helps us understand consumer behaviour and the emotions that trigger their decisions during the holidays. 

According to CedCommerce’s blog on consumer behaviour during the festive season, shopping increases the levels of dopamine and fills shoppers with a sense of empowerment. 


If we tap into the psychology of the holidays, we can understand why people develop the necessity to gift their loved ones, why sale rates skyrocket during this time, and why buyers become impulsive. 


That’s why it’s important to tell your story and show your customers why the product you’re selling or the service you’re providing stands out in the market. Make them relate to your brand and try to build some kind of familiarity between them.


However, don’t forget that consumers LOVE offers and discounts; even if they’re loyal to a particular brand, they always browse for the better option, and they are more susceptible to being influenced during the festive season. 


Buyers feel like winners when they find a good deal. So, try to make them feel important and appreciated as much as possible. For example, you can grab the attention of first-time shoppers by offering them 10-20% discounts on their first order. 

Also, try to use words and language in your marketing that entices them. Notice how around the festive season, brands say words like “sale”, “limited edition”, or “must-have”, to gradually create the need to purchase your product. 


When to tell your story?

You can kick off your campaign between October and November; this is when people start their shopping sprees, think about gifting, and prepare for the festive season.


Holidays expand from October to December. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! From this, you can take advantage to share your story with people, talk to your loyal customers, and attract new potential buyers. 


Here are some ways you can get creative with your festive marketing


      1. Design a new themed logo
      2. Change your packaging
      3. Add seasonal items to your menus, products, and services
      4. Hold competitions and giveaways
      5. Infuse your design on social media with holiday-inspired colours
      6. Send holiday gifts to loyal customers
      7. Offer discounts to new buyers

And the list goes on…

You can get creative in so many ways more than one!


It’s already easy to attract customers during the festive season since all they’re looking for is a good deal and a good product. So, imagine how easier it would be if your story were able to trigger the emotional, nostalgic side of your customers instead of just talking to sell!


GDR can help you through the process of 

telling the right story at the right time.


Reach out to us 


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