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It’s a love story - Between your brand and your audience!

Once upon a time, there was a business on the road to success
It happened to come across marketing
Equipped with love, they overcame obstacles and lived happily ever after. 

The end. 

But wait, is love truly the means for serious business like marketing? 

It is time to initiate a love story between your brand and your audience! 

Here’s the WHY 

The sneaky tactics of marketing are outdated and consumers can see through anything you try to oversell.
Marketing is now about making connections and building trust between your brand and your customers. 

According to a survey conducted in 2021 by Environics Research and Amazon ads, 80% of consumers yearn for authentic human connections rather than the more digitally-based
lifestyles that new technologies are creating.”



What reflects an authentic human connection better than love?

When you love your customers, you genuinely care for them and listen attentively to their needs, wants, and opinions. And this is something that many brands overlook. According to Eptica, a staggering
majority of consumers (92%) feel that brands do not listen

Loving and listening to your customers can help you: 

Improve your products or services. 
Create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
Identify potential issues or problems that need to be addressed.


Love goes both ways 

According to Salsify, 46% of consumers are actually willing to pay more to purchase from brands they trust. 
A customer who feels a strong emotional connection to a brand is more likely to remain loyal and recommend the brand to others. And with love comes trust

When you gain the love and trust of your customers, your business comes out as a winner in every way!

So why love in marketing? 
Because loving your customers will give them what they need, and your customers loving you will get you loyalty. And according to Yotpo, 54.7% of customers consider themselves loyal to only 1 to 5 brands. 



Here’s the HOW 


If you are willing to be among the top 5 brands to which the majority of customers give their loyalty, then you
should know that it is only with L.O.V.E that you can achieve that goal. 

L is for the way you Leave an impression 

Your brand can develop a real connection with your customers through various
marketing strategies such as storytelling, personalization, and building a strong brand identity

The way you leave an impression is one of the first things that creates a real connection
between you and your target audience. 
So focus on authenticity and transparency in your strategies, and be YOU.


According to Stackla, 88% of consumers believe that authenticity is one of the essential factors they look for in the brands they like and support. While 66% believe that transparency is one of the
best things about a brand (Accenture Strategy).


O is for the One thing that truly matters 

What matters the most is the relationship between your brand and your customers. This relationship revolves around the customer experience that you create for them. This is what would differentiate your brand from your competitors. According to PWC, 73% of consumers believe that their experience with a brand is a significant
factor that impacts their purchasing decisions. 

Customer experience encompasses all touchpoints a customer would have with your brand, including advertising, website, customer service, and in-person interactions


V is for the Values you share 


Your business and your brand reflect YOU and what YOU stand for. 
Give your brand a voice and let your values shine through. 
A great example of a strong and genuine stand is what Nike did in 2020. Following the devastating murder of George Floyd in the USA, Nike created a campaign with the hashtag #UntilWeAllWin that left a great impact, to the point that even its main rival Adidas retweeted it.  


Take a look at the message shared by Nike that started with a spin on its own motto “Just do it!”




E is Even more than the profit you make

We do realize that making a profit is the ultimate goal of every business. But a successful business must think for the long term, and being generous to your customers is a crucial part of your business’ success. 

One way of being generous to your customers is by offering them promotions and even rewards. Your generosity will help your business much more than the profit you’d make from a few sales. Discounts and promotions would attract new customers, help you compete with other businesses, and might even help you clear out your inventory if you sell products. On the other hand, rewarding your loyal customers will help you
strengthen that loyalty and fortify their love for your brand. 



Gaining customer loyalty is the ultimate goal of any successful business. After all, this loyalty would ensure growth and profitability for your brand and business. 


Through authentic, true-to-the-heart, and transparent marketing, you can create an everlasting love story. 



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